Friday, April 15, 2011

From LA Examiner: Own A Piece of 'FNL' and 'Fringe'; NBC Live Launches Viewing Parties; I'm Sold On 'The Voice', Are You?; More 'TVD' Photos...

"Own a piece of Dillon, Texas with NBC's Friday Night Lights prop auction!"

Did you watch Friday Night Lights and wish you, too, could wear Saracen's jersey or take home the game ball? Well, now you can! Starting Tuesday, April 19th, just a few days after the fifth and final season premieres on NBC, and running through September 2011, Panthers and Lions fans can participate in online auctions for props and wardrobe from the acclaimed drama... [MORE]

"Check into Fringe on GetGlue to win props from the show!"

Yesterday NBC announced they were hosting an online auction to offer fans the chance to own a little piece of Friday Night Lights, but not to be outdown, this morning FOX countered by announcing they will be giving away props from Fringe. Yes, that's right: giving away. As in free. As in, sign us up! ... [MORE]

"NBC enhances the viewing experience through social media"

Today NBC announced their online component,, will introduce the next innovation in network fan engagement. Those most interested fans tend to be those who feel they have opportunity to interact with their favorite stars and show creators and be privvy to "inside information" or bonus content of some kind. NBC will be utilizing social media to enhance their online presence and provide a companion tool to normal television viewing... [MORE]

"Mark Burnett: The Voice will nurture and inspire artists, not cut them down"

"Television is still the most powerful medium [in terms of launching a career]. You see that even in Idol's numbers. What that says to me is people's passion for music, and The Voice is a fresh take on that. It's good to see. To see music in the forefront of America's popular culture is really exciting," The Voice host Carson Daly offered today during NBC Universal's press day in Los Angeles promoting their summer slate... [MORE]

"The Vampire Diaries traps Jeremy and Bonnie in pretty close quarters"

We hope you're liking the Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Bonnie (Katerina Graham) pairing on The Vampire Diaries because the May 5th episode is going to give you a lot of them stuffed into pretty close quarters! ... [MORE]

"CBS picks up Same Name, a new reality series premiering with David Hasselhoff"

CBS announced today that they have officially picked up Same Name to air sometime this summer. Same Name is a reality series that features celebrities trading places with strangers who just happen to share their same name. The guinea pig in the pilot is David Hasselhoff, who will head to Texas to life the life of an electrical technician... [MORE]

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