Friday, April 8, 2011

From LA Examiner: Preview Will Ferrell on 'The Office'; 'Real Housewives of D.C.' Cut Off; 'FNL' Memorable Quotes; A 'Chuck' Wedding!...

"The Office Preview: Meet DeAngelo Vickers"

The Office may have been a rerun tonight, but NBC didn't want to leave all of you loyal fans hanging. After seeing promos that teased the arrival of interim new boss DeAngelo Vickers (Will Ferrell), they have released some longer-form clips, including the one to the left that features Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) getting to know the new guy in the office the only way she knows how-- by flirting! ... [MORE]

"It's official: Bravo cuts off the Real Housewives of D.C."

After weeks of speculation, and a 2011-2012 season announcement devoid of the title, Bravo announced yesterday that they will not be continuing further with the D.C. division of their Real Housewives franchise. Though thanks to White House crashers and emotional arc of one woman trying to learn more about her biological family, the first season had ample drama, but apparently it wasn’t enough for Bravo... [MORE]

"Reflecting on Friday Night Lights: Best Make-You-Think Quotes"

Friday Night Lights may have come to a close officially, but its final season has not aired for the masses. Yet. The thirteen episodes of season five are tackling Fridays for NBC, and in order to celebrate (and pay our respects), we spent the last few months looking back-- on the Panthers, the Lions, the Taylors, Saracens, and Riggins’. And we selected our favorite quotes from the first four seasons so far, both of the serious and inspirational, as well as the funny variety. Because while the show was a great, tear-jerking ensemble drama, it made for some really cute and lighter-hearted slices of life, too... [MORE]

"Chuck Bartowski set to impart on his greatest mission: Marriage!"

Chuck is not a traditional romantic comedy, but its protagonist is still heading toward the wedding aisle, nonetheless. At four years into the “fish out of water” spy series, we have seen Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) and Sarah Wallker (Yvonne Strahovski) fake a romantic relationship, only for it to grow into one that is very, very real. Mr. & Mrs. Smith were married, so why can’t these two be? ... [MORE]

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