Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Scream 4' Taps TV Talent; truTV Announces Line-Up; 'Homeland' Sneak Peek; Elisha Cuthbert Looking For Her 'Happy Ending'...

"Television's hottest young stars attend the Scream 4 premiere in L.A."

When the first Scream opened in 1996 the cast was full of relative unknowns, despite the fact that two of the stars (Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell) were on current hit television shows. But television actors at the time weren't known for crossing over into the film medium, and though their respective shows reached millions, they were still seen as lower on the fame totem pole when compared to bona fide movie stars. These days the tides have turned. Actors move between mediums (and genres) much more freely, and with the amount of television available-- and all at our fingertips-- many fans are more invested in those they see in their homes weekly rather than the larger-than-life personas they have to head to theaters to catch... [MORE]

"truTV gets in bed with Jennifer Lopez, ABC's Wipeout, Tony & Ridley Scott"

Today truTV held its annual Upfront ceremony and unveiled an action-packed programming slate designed to build on the network's momentum and attract an even wider, and perhaps more diverse, audience of viewers. Teaming with NFL Films, Tony and Ridley Scott, and Jennifer Lopez are just a few ways of widening their appeal. They also acquired the rights to air ABC's Wipeout, and plan to return some new and intense favorites. like Hardcore Pawn and Black Gold... [MORE]

"Homeland sneak peek starring Claire Danes and Damian Lewis"

After Showtime announced the twelve-episode first season pick up of new drama Homeland starring Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, Twitter was all a...well, twitter with wanting to know more. And now we have another juicy tidbit for you in the first released clip to the left! ... [MORE]

"Elisha Cuthbert is looking for her Happy Ending after all of those kidnappings!"

“I just felt like I was at sort of a place where I had spent a lot time doing one-hour drama, and I wanted something different. When you go into TV, there’s always that-- whether it does well or not, there’s always that possibility that you could spend the next six years of your life doing this one project. So for me, if you’re going to go in with that expectation and hoping for that, it’s got to be something you’re excited about and you want to come to work everyday to do. For me, comedy at that time was it. I felt like I had done all of the kidnapping I could do!”... [MORE]

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