Monday, April 4, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Supernatural' Gets Animated This July; 'Police POV' Takes Docu-Series To A New Level; NBC Should Just Can 'LOLA' Already!...

"Supernatural: The Anime Series comes to Blu-Ray/DVD in July!"

Fans of Supernatural have been buzzing about the new anime series featuring their beloved Sam and Dean reliving the notorious "monster of the week" cases from season one and two, but in Japanese anime style. Jared Padalecki voices the role he made famous for all twenty-two episodes, and Jensen Ackles participates in select episodes. But both physical likenesses are pretty darn close, if you ask us! And now you will be able to add the anime series to your memorabilia collection come July 26th 2011 when Warner Home Video releases the Blu-Ray for $54.97 (SRP) or the regular DVD for $49.98 (SRP). It will also be available On-Demand in select markets and for download... [MORE]

"truTV's Police POV puts viewers right in the line of fire"

Coming soon-- like, really soon, in just two weeks!-- Police POV will provide viewers will a thrilling and extremely up-close-and-personal look at police work. Utilizing innovative technology, truTV has outfitted police officers with cameras so small they can wear them on their lapel or around their ear like a blue-tooth, thus filming real-life scenarios in the most authentic and unobtrusive way as possible... [MORE]

"Law & Order: Los Angeles revamps, but will it save the show?"

Look, we’re just going to say it: procedurals are a dime a dozen these days and usually too formulaic for their own good. When NBC announced last year that they were canceling their long-running benchmark (and the procedural that put procedurals on the map in the first place), Law & Order, in favor of introducing a new spin-off, we were baffled, to say the least. But when that spin-off, Law & Order: Los Angeles under-performed and the network decided they were going “re-energize it” rather than cancel it, our jaw dropped even lower. Not only is that a rarity in today’s immediate results television landscape, but we weren’t sold on the material warranting the second chance. After all, when the stock of your story soup is murky, stirring it just upsets the order, and the few who actually find themselves invested from the beginning may now find they don’t want their new show messed with at all... [MORE]

"Cougar Town returns on a special night"

After ABC decided to give its freshmen friends-as-family comedy, Happy Endings, a better chance at reeling in viewers by premiering the pilot and an additional episode next Wednesday, April 13th, Cougar Town fans felt left in the lurch. They had rallied behind a new kind of friends-as-family sitcom and were promised a return to wine-guzzling and Penny Can playing on that same day, in its original time, and now they were being told they had to wait. But at least it's not a full additional week wait, as ABC announced that the mid-season return of Cougar Town will actually be on Monday, April 18th at 9:30pm... [MORE]

"Break In to the first few minutes of FOX' newest comedy now, thanks to GetGlue"

Have you signed up for GetGlue yet? The newest social network for entertainment that is bordering on one million users offers more than just millions of new and unique ratings and check-ins for television shows, movies, music, and books each month. They not only offer virtual specialized sticker incentives, that you can display on your Facebook or Twitter profiles to let everyone know what media you are consuming and enjoying, but they also offer physical stickers to be mailed, as well as a number of other benefits that include everything from "Fan Percentages" off official merchandise to sneak peeks at new programs-- including FOX' new comedy, Breaking In... [MORE]

"Eric Martsolf flies in from the future on Smallville"

The Blue Beetle is born and Booster Gold gets a new look! Days of our Lives' Eric Martsolf flies onto The CW's Smallville in the role of Booster Gold, who many already know and love from the DC Universe. Will he do justice to the character, and the suit? Check out the first look photos in the slideshow to the left. We couldn't have pictured him better!... [MORE]

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