Monday, April 18, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Supernatural' Photo & 'Frontierland' Previews; 'Chuck's Sarah Deals With Daddy Issues; Richard Reid Parties with Prince William...

"PHOTOS: Supernatural: The Man Who Would Be King"

It's going to be a very fun few Friday nights from now until May 20th when Supernatural airs its sixth season finale on The CW! In addition to trying to rewrite history and traveling back in time for a wild, wild west shoot-out, the Ben Edlund directed episode will also air, on May 6th, and you can see a sneak peek through a promotional photo slideshow right here! ... [MORE]

"Supernatural's "Frontierland" is a TV western for the ages!"

A show that is as male-driven (despite having a female showrunner this season) as Supernatural just had to tackle a western at some point, right? Both series stars are from Texas, but even if they didn’t grow up with Stetsons, spurs, and shoot-outs, this genre seemed ripe for homage from a team that so successfully took on vampires, zombies, heaven, hell, meta, and fairies. And finally that episode, aptly titled “Frontierland”, is upon us! ... [MORE]

"Chuck vs the Wedding Planner” shows Sarah as you’ve never seen her before!"

In the few episodes remaining in this season four for Chuck things are going to get very real, very fast. After all, Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) and Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) are heading to the aisle, but before they get there that means lots of preparation... [MORE]

"Richard Reid is the resident party boy/devil on the shoulder in William & Kate"

Googling actor Richard Reid is quite the eye-opener. Without putting one of his credits next to his name in the search bar, you get more hits for the shoe bomber than the late twenties English thespian. Hopefully after tonight, though, that all will change, as the young actor who was cast in his very first role in Harry Potter is about to become a much more mainstream name with his part in the Lifetime original movie William & Kate... [MORE]

"PHOTOS: Samantha Smith returns to Supernatural"

For all of you Supernatural fans who want to see some strong women take on the Winchester boys, April 29th may just be the episode for you! ... [MORE]

"Gossip Girl teams with Gilt Groupe for a fan fashion giveaway"

Be honest: one of the major reasons you tune into Gossip Girl on The CW is to covet Serena and Dan and Blair and Chuck and Jenny's wardrobe, right? Well, now your interest in the show and their fashion sense will be rewarded thanks to a special partnership between the Warner Brothers series and Gilt Groupe... [MORE]

"FOX stars Joshua Jackson, Jennifer Beals, David Boreanaz, et al urge fans to go green"

It may not be "The More You Know," but FOX has launched their own "Go Green" intiative for Earth Week and they are signing up their biggest name stars to entice fans to take part, too. "Green It. Mean It." is the campaign, designed to raise both viewer and employee awareness of environmental issues, and FOX talent, shows and employees are stepping up their efforts to help preserve our planet... [MORE]

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