Friday, April 22, 2011

Pop Culture Winners of the Week (April 18 - April 22)...

- Clip Shows. Though Community delivered a faux one, 30 Rock surprised many by taking almost half of it's double-sized 100th episode and revisiting moments from the past. But both shows somehow managed to make what was once considered a "filler" episode so much more creative than many original episodes of lackluster shows these days and most certainly not at all lazy! Clip shows are cool now, y'all!

- Cougar Town. In quite a few ways, this was the little show that could when it first started airing on ABC in 2009. Though stuck with a not-s0-great (now not really indicative of content) title, it steadily grew in fans as well as strength of ensemble. Now it is down-right uncool to say you don't watch this show. And this week not only did they return from hiatus with two brand new episodes on two separate nights, but they were also honored with their own panel discussion at the TV Academy right here in Los Angeles.

- The Earth. At least, I have to hope so. All week long various television shows, celebrities, social media sites, and networks were urging people at home to consider the consequences our actions have on the environment. In honor of Earth Day, it became Green Week across NBC, FOX, and GetGlue. There were partnerships to provide fans special stickers for checking into special programs; NBC's peacock logo went green again; "The More You Know" PSAs focused on the environment and sustainable energies, FOX toted out its stars to deliver helpful environmentally friendly tips, and Hollywood hosted star-studded events featuring organic food and products designed to entice more to learn about how to give our own planet. Some efforts may have been more effective than others (after all, checking into GetGlue for a sticker is nice, but you're using a lot of energy to watch your TV and use your computer for all those hours needed to collect all stickers!), but at least they are really trying.

- Eric Martsolf. Tonight his guest starring on Smallville may have you saying 'Superman who? It's all about Booster Gold!' Not only does Martsolf shine (no pun intended) in the role which plays with his comedic timing and ability, but he definitely rocks a skin-tight leather suit. Not many guys could pull off such an ostentatious ensemble, and even fewer would have the balls to try. But Martsolf was really having fun with this episode and this superhero, and that more than shows on screen. He may be an actor who greatly enjoys exploring the dark side of his daytime character, Brady Black on Days of our Lives, but he was a kid in a candy store jumping into the comic book universe. He is so dynamic on screen you will definitely find yourself wondering where his own series is!

- Royal Family enthusiasts. So. Much. Coverage. The actual Prince William and so-called-commoner-but-her-family-is-upper-middle-class-so-she-actually-comes-from-more-money-than-most-of-us Kate Middleton aren't getting married for another week, and the media is determined to make this (for once) happy news event truly 24/7 coverage. For those of you like The Middle matriarch Frankie, this is the perfect time of year to purchase a 99 cent store tiara, some Starbucks scones, and revel in the lavishness. And of that there is so, so much! From Lifetime's original TV movie about the courtship to Hallmark's original TV movie about the courtship and "documentaries" and history specials in between. Kathy Griffin even has a comedy special where she takes on the royal family. And then of course there are the sitcoms that will snark at it or pay homage to it... it's definitely nice to be celebrating happiness rather than tragedy!

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