Friday, April 8, 2011

Pop Culture Winners of the Week (April 4-8)...

- The Vampire Diaries and Nikita and their respective fans. Both shows returned with all-new episodes on The CW this week after being on a long, long-- too-long!-- hiatus and both came back big. Personally I was most excited to see the history behind "Mikita" finally get explicitly said, but both series set up a lot of drama to come for the final few episodes of their respective seasons.

- Tina Fey. Though her co-star misspoke early in the week and gave a quote that made it sound like 30 Rock was dunzo after next year, it was squashed quickly as just a misrepresentation or statement taken out of context. So not only does she not have an end date for her sardonic and smart NBC comedy, but this week her first book was released, plans were solidified for her to host SNL again, and she announced she is expecting her second child. Not too shabby!

- Josh Hutcherson has seemed like the perfectly quiet, down-to-Earth, unassuming boy-next-door since he played as such in the indie family drama The Kids Are Alright, so when his casting in The Hunger Games was announced, it was met with mixed reactions. Still, I know he's talented and can pull it off, even if some fans are questioning his look. And probably the fact that he seems so subdued. But it bodes very, very well for him that the author of the books was involved in his casting session and publicly spoke out, saying that she knew after only a few lines that he was a perfect fit. Now you can trust the integrity of the original work will be held up, considering the woman behind the story is not only on-board in name but in actual hands-on involvement.

- Kristen Bell. She gets to return to television in what seems to be a stellar project for Showtime. In House of Lies she will play a sharp-witted and even sharper-tongued consultant at a self-loathing management firm. It sounds like Uda Bengt part two, and she'll get to play alongside greats like Don Cheadle and Glynn Thurman. Some may still be holding out for a Veronica Mars movie, but I'm personally just looking forward to having Bell back on my television in a weekly fashion.

- Snooki and her Jersey Shore minions who got spin-offs from MTV this week. Look, I said I'd never write about this show or its "stars," and I intend to keep that promise. But I have to hand it to a bunch of spoiled, not-so-bright kids from the state most commonly known called the "armpit" (this is from someone who grew up neighboring it and is said (partially) with love): they certainly know how to capitalize off of having no marketable skills whatsoever. If people are willing to pay them five figures for public speaking engagements or even more for headlining their own psuedo-reality show, well, they'd only be really dumb if they didn't take advantage of it.

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