Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Road So Far: DanielleTBD's Favorite 'Supernatural' Episodes From The First Six Seasons...

In the wake of yesterday's announcement from The CW that Supernatural would, in fact, be coming back for a second season, Made Possible by Pop Culture wanted to go back and consider our favorite episodes of the series so far. It's not an easy feat, nor is it one I have never attempted before, but I welcome the challenge of whittling down the moments and seeing which ones consistently withstand the test of time!

5. "Home" - This is really the first episode where I truly "got" the overall mythology to the show. Sam (Jared Padalecki)'s psychic abilities were in full force, hinting at just how important he was going to be to this whole story, but both brothers dealt with some deep-rooted mommy issues when they returned to their old hometown, and their old home, to save another young mother and her children. Plus this episode introduced Loretta Devine in a role that was always meant to become bigger...well, maybe in season seven now!
4. "Mystery Spot" - I still get the giggles every time I think of the various ways the writers thought of in how to kill off Dean (Jensen Ackles). Some were heartbreaking, some were just plain ridiculous, but they were all clever. But still, the message the end was very sad and very true: Sam wouldn't be able to save his brother. He could only make the best out of the time they had left. While many probably looked at this episode as a stand alone and potentially even a "throw away," I see it as one of the more important ones in the shortened season three arc because it gave Sam-- and all of us, really-- one of his most important lessons.

3. "A Very Supernatural Christmas" - I may be a sucker for a good Christmas episode, but this one in particular gets me every time because of the concept of knowing you are staring down your own mortality and making the most out of your final holidays with your loved ones, no matter how f-ed up the situation around you may be. Plus, the Winchester boys as slightly deranged carolers? That's hot!

2. "Frontierland" - I tend to gravitate towards the more comedic episodes, and even though season six is not yet finished, this one certainly lands at the top of my list of favorites from it (and obviously, from all seasons!). Though you have to be willing to suspend your disbelief about time travel in order for this one to work, it's filled with so many pop culture and self-referential moments, and it pays careful respect to the continuity of the show's mythology. It offers the idea that Dean and Sam really can affect their own fate-- in ways they didn't even realize before. And of course, everyone just looks like they were having so much fun with this one, it's almost a big dare to the audience not to smile along, too.

1. "Lazarus Rising" - In the season four opener, not only did we get to see Dean emerge from the depths of hell (literally!) but for the first time the series introduced the idea of a heaven above us in addition to the hell below us. While in this episode Dean was still very much in the "shock" portion of his reaction, it was fascinating to watch him try to come to terms with something he never believed in. For three years we all watched demons walk among humans, so it was impossible not to believe in them; we had physical proof. Now we also have physical proof of the angels in the introduction of Castiel (Misha Collins).

Hmm, next time I may have to go for the Top Ten. Five just doesn't seem to do it justice!


Claudia said...

Great list but I don't even try to torture myself with making a top 5. I can manage a Top Ten somehow:
1. Lazarus rising
2. Swan Song
3. Mystery Spot/ AVSC
5. All Breaks Loose Part 2
6. On a head of a pin
7. Changing Channels
8. French Mistake/ Frontierland
10. Born under a bad sign

Writer Crystal said...

"I'm a real posse magnet" is now one of my favorite line. EVER.