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'Supernatural' Saturdays: "Frontierland" Tweetathon Round-Up...

- It's high noon at the Okay Corr-- I mean, . Is Dean the quickest draw in the west? We have to hope so!

- Sheriff is a good color on you, Jensen Ackles.

- Samuel has a creepy serial killer wall. I knew that guy was really bad news!

- "Octomom" is the first of many pop culture references. I will be eating a cookie every time one comes up.

- I always wanted a "Phoenix rising from the ankles" tattoo. But I guess now I have to hope the Phoenix can't actually rise, right?

- Wow, these manly man hunters certainly spend a lot of time writing in their girly journals!

- Awww Dean is a Trekkie! Who would've thunkit?

- You are NOT Castiel. And you're not nearly as pretty as @.

- Damn lady, you are a little bit possessive, aren't you?

- That shirt Sam is wearing...that actually looks like it could work for a cowboy. Maybe just a modern day one, though.

- "aim lower." ha, Sam is dumb.

- Yeah, you do look kind of stupid, Sam. Somehow Dean makes the zarape work, though.

- That looks like the contents of the envelope I sent to Cash4Gold. Got me $1500. It will probably buy them a LOT more in Ye Olde West.

- When did Cas have time to get a haircut!?

- Dean's faaaace! "Authenticity!"

- If I ever go back in time, I think I might like to witness a stoning instead of a hanging. But then again, I'm cruel like that.

- At least Dean calls every guy "Sammy." It's not disrespect for his little brother.

- I'll bet you're dirtier than [you] look...

- I'm glad Dean is too busy to really look around &realize just how bad life in the 1800s would have sucked. Keep the dream alive!

- Oh, Dean, syphilis. You will die of syphilis! Or dysentery.

- This music is hilarious. I am sure it is very accurate, but I am not very familiar with westerns and it just makes me giggle.

- Even if one survived a hanging, how would you explain being able to torch a person like that? Old-timely Sheriff worse than small town cop?

- Why does Sam have to make history? Dean should make history!

- Oh man, how many "I love posse" tee shirts will I see at the next ? I'm going to guess 15.

- If it's a dirty little secret, Rachel, then of course it's true. Rachel, use your head!

- This is the most beautiful death image the show has ever offered. Perhaps that ANY show has ever offered. So cool.

- "Are we running or fighting?" You're...hugging, apparently. Awww

- You DO look good, Dean!

- Man, you move up FAST in the old west. Faster than Jack Donaghy could even dream of!

- Seriously. It's been a long day; you're having a drink; presumably your boots are off...and you're writing in a journal? Really?

- Samuel Colt is more like Dean's grandpa than Samuel Campbell ever seemed to be. Discuss.

- Huh. Pilgrim is an insult in the old west. I would've thought it would have been "indian." Good to know they're not racist.

- I could have done without the flashbacks here. We don't need filler. Though the FX are still cool looking.

- I like to think that by traveling back in time, Dean Winchester is responsible for first introducing "gank" to our vocabulary.

- Oh, you're not going to sound crazy right now...

- Ha! "A giant from the future". What, no jab at his hair, too?

- So, explain this: if Sam puts the journal on the table, shouldn't Colt's version disappear? How can both exist in the same place/time?

- If Colt knew who Sam really was or what he would do, do you think he would have shot him right then & there?

- "Touch it?" You may want to be more specific, Cas...

- Wow, Bobby's soul is just batted around like a ball of yarn these days, huh?

- .@ did a nice job faking fans out w/pic of Dean in jail. Who would've thunk he'd be on the side of the law for once!?

- Yeah, yeah, even demons can have sob stories. But you're still a demon, dumbass.

- I think Dean DID see that coming but allowed it b/c that guy kind of deserved it.


- I love the varying levels of "oopsie" face when Cas gets the boys back.

- I love this package moment b/c it proves you can go into the past in order to get yourself exactly where you need to be.

- Sometimes you don't set off an alternate reality but your fated one. <3

- Hands up if you think Dean should keep the cowboy hat!

Closing Remarks: Generally I get annoyed when shows that already established their stances on traveling into the past continually use the motif to basically the same results. It's just redundant after attempt number two, right? After all, if you keep trying the same thing over and over without getting different results, isn't that just lazy? Well, somehow not for Supernatural!

"Frontierland" sends the boys back in time, and just like the week before when Balthazar (Sebastian Roche) did it to keep the Titanic from sinking, some very large elements are altered. Only this time, the outcome of the future is where it was before they ever stepped foot in the wild, wild west in the nineteenth century. The outcome is where it should be, in other words, where it was fated to be. Pay attention, kiddies: for once, a show is using time travel to show just how the current world in which the characters live was only set up because of the things they did when sent to the past. Butterfly effect or not, it was downright necessary for them to go back in order to move forward. I don't think I've ever seen a show make that statement before, and I like it! After all, had Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) never traveled back in time (from the first trip in "In The Beginning" that set off Mary's demon deal to this most recent one to meet Samuel Colt and obtain the soon-to-be-famous ashes), who knows where they'd be? Maybe living Average Joe lifestyles.

...Nah, that's pushing it a stretch!

But still, you get my point, right? I'm not going to harp on all of that, though, because in all honesty I have now seen "Frontierland" three times, and each and every time I just get sucked up in the sheer fun of it all. So. Much. Fun! The guys themselves looked like they were having a blast, and that truly translated on-screen and through it to me at home on my couch. I'm not one for old westerns, and had they not explicitly said they were doing an homage to Sergio Leone during PaleyFest, I wouldn't have caught those elements. I was watching for all of the pop culture references, period jokes, and of course, Ackles in a cowboy hat!

So in those ways the episode more than lived up to my greatest expectations and then some. So many quotables worthy of tee-shirts! So many more than just "I love posse." Dean can be so obvious sometimes!

I admittedly could have done without the female angel who was first too possessive over Castiel (Misha Collins) and then stabbed him in the back, though. Well, the side. But her death scene was one of the coolest ones I've ever seen on the show. The imagery of the wings burning out on the ground around her slain body was something worthy of tattooing. Or at least creating a new desktop screensaver. And I appreciate the fact that his "going rogue" has been seeded into the last few episodes, even smally with scenes opposite other angels so that when we finally get around to the Cas-centric episode that more fully explores the war in heaven, it doesn't all come out of nowhere.

Of course I was more than thrilled that for the first time in awhile Dean was given something to actually do in this episode. Sure, he wasn't integral to the mythology; he deferred that task to his little brother. In a way I was happy to see that because usually Sam screws up so greatly, without even realizing what he is doing, and his actions cause terrible things to occur that change the framework of life as they-- and many innocents-- know it. Here was Dean being the big brother and looking out for his "Sammy" once again and giving him the chance to be a hero. And for once Sam took it and managed not to screw it up. That made me happy. And I was more than happy to also spend time with Dean "playing" in the old west and hunting in the old-fashioned "monster of the week" style. He caught the thing in his sights; he tracked it; he killed it. And in such a cooler way than ever before. Dean really is suited for Ye Olde West. We've seen him want to stay in alternate worlds before, and I wouldn't have blamed him if he wanted to stay this time around, too. After all, he was respected there; he moved up from "clean" passerby into the highest position of power: Town Sheriff, all within a few hours.

And I went from dreading the dirtiness of a western to cheering for a sequel. Or at least a return directing gig for Guy Norman Bee. I know the amber, dusty tones were put in in post. I know they were to give off the "old timey" vibe of a place where everything is covered in a layer of dust or dirt. But the boys look really, really good in those colors! Kudos!

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