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'Supernatural' Saturdays: "Mommy Dearest" Tweetathon Round-Up...

- Less than 15 until . I assume all you east coasters already made the wire hanger jokes, so I'll refrain...

- Okay, here we go. I try to avoid Tweeting spoilery things, but expect a lot of incoming messages nonetheless.

- Yeah, Dean, kill 'er! Kill 'er simply because she can't act!

- Oh my, the angel pick-up line is cheesy even when you're in on the joke.

- The envy fight from was cooler. Just sayin'

- But Dean, you're not evil. You're the chosen one in the good sense. Nothing will burn you. Except, you know, fire.

- "Cas, get out of my ass!" Oh my, best line ever. Put THAT on a tee-shirt.

- Also, I'm glad the show pointed out that Dean is always the chosen one to call Cas. He's teacher's pet.

- Welcome back, vampira.

- I honestly can't tell if Sam is lying about being happy to see her. But I'm happy to see her. @

- Everyone does NOT always give in. Dean didn't. It's 50/50 in this family.

- Is this the first time we've learned Eve can use them as spies? I feel like this is new info to me. And if so, can she use Sam that way?

- Cas: The Killer of Exposition. LOVE. HIM.

- This town is so, so clean. It's such a juxtaposition from "Frontierland."

- Okay, where did the Winchesters get the money for an iPad!?

- When Dean and Cas team up, it's always my fave. They are unintentionally hilarious.

- For the record, though, I don't think Cas is a baby in a trenchcoat. THIS is a baby in a trenchcoat:

- That's a shame. That kid was cheesy but cute.

- Are they just pretending they never used this actor playing the Sheriff before? Or is he a traveling demon?

- Okay I'm officially confused by what kind of monster Eve is creating here. But whatever it is she seems to be failing. Typical

- How are they not even flinching with all the coughing and spewing? I know they've seen a lot but GROSS.

- Gives new meaning to "hit the bar," I guess.

- See, ? Hybrids are ALL the rage!

- I don't know why, but I always figured Dean would have a soft spot for "We Built This City." Guess not. That makes me kind of sad.

- There's a swordplay game on the Wii Fit that I will never be able to look at the same again...

- Well, you had a gag on. He couldn't talk even if he wanted to, Joe. You're not as smart as the other big brother.

- There's Dean's bleeding heart. I've missed that this season.

- Poke the pig, Bobby! I could go for some bacon.

- 5 minutes or 5 hours, your mojo doesn't work, Cas, what can you do?

- Huh. Apparently something. Interesting. Intriguing. Makes me want to see next week's episode right now & this one isn't over!

- Cas may not have had much experience with human firearms, but I'm putting my money on him for the kill-shot. The war in heaven is great.

- Is the special human flesh? Cause no thanks. But if it's fried chicken...

- "You have no idea" -- Heh Dean and I think alike.

- Aw crap...

- No, Sam, it's not impossible. If you're in the "road so far" piece, you're coming back.

- No, you do NOT mess with the sun. I need it for tanning!

- Samantha Smith is doing a good job of channeling Julia Maxwell for this performance. But she's still outshining her.

- I think the perfect beast has already been built. Any guesses?

- It's always the baby bro. Always.

- Well, that commercial break certainly made it seem like it took Dean & Sam a LONG time to process...

- How many times has a deal backfired? Does Sam really not remember Ruby!?

- Drinking ashes: better or worse than snorting them?

- Bobby is always the voice of reason. I cannot wait for next week!!

Closing Remarks: I think it's officially become a problem that by the time I can watch Supernatural on the west coast, I have seen so many "Holy crap" Tweets and commentary. Look, I love every episode of the show; even the ones I deem "not as strong" are still better than most shows out there, genre or otherwise, but the hype I build up in my head based on everyone else's reactions often make me sit back at the end of an episode and go "That was it?" Unfortunately, that's what happened tonight.

Perhaps it's because no matter how cool or fascinating a new monster hybrid introduced looks or acts (and believe me, some of these were quite fascinating), I know it's just a means to an end. It's not about the monster of the week hunt anymore; it hasn't been for a long time. And while it may still matter that Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) figure out what they are so they can figure out how to kill them, in the grand scheme of things that is such an action point to get them from A to B now that I was kind of bummed it took up so much time of the episode. Especially because when they finally went back to kill the supposedly biggest and baddest monster ever, someone else had gotten there first and done the job for them. Where's the fun in that??

As I said, I'm fascinated by the new monsters-- err, excuse me, Jefferson Starships Eve can create. I find them all so much more interesting than her. And I was eagerly awaiting the returns of both Samantha Smith and Amber Benson, even though I knew the latter was only going to be for a brief moment. I love it most when the series surprises the boys (and the audience) with blasts from their pasts because it always catches them at the worst possible time and makes them react sloppily. This episode certainly threw a lot of curves at the boys-- in the form of the assumed doppelgangers and then the kids that they surely saw as extensions of themselves and finally their mother standing before them-- but if the script had been stripped of all the curves and instead built more upon what was actually going on, it would have been even more fascinating to watch the news sink in. That's the real story, anyway; everything else was just filler.

And when it came to Mama Mary, the emphasis was certainly on "finally," no!?

Since Smith wasn't playing Mary but instead Eve in Mary's corporeal form, it was a much different performance and scene than I expected. Unfortunately this meant we missed out on some of Dean's more emotional moments, staring down the woman he lost so long ago, but it almost couldn't be any other way. In the last six years, he has had to face her a number of times, and he has put her in his past where she belongs. He has grown up a lot and come a long way and dare I say it? May have finally completed the grief cycle.

So instead we got to see Smith's take on Eve. It was kind of muted, but I suspect that was because she had seen what Julia Maxwell was doing with the role and needed it to match enough. She had kind of a quiet confidence; she could stay calm and composed and never even raise her voice but still instill fear. I bought it, but she was still the Winchester matriarch-- the woman in the oversized white nightgown who always guided and at least tried to protect her sons in the past. So when she died all over again, it was hard for me to see. Somehow it didn't seem that hard for her on-screen kids, though, but like I said: they've become somewhat detached.

I really, and I mean REALLY freakin' liked that Eve was not nearly as important to the overall mythology as we were originally led to believe. I honestly don't know if that was originally the case, but knowing what I do now, it certainly feels like it was their intention all the way through. After all, I had complained in previous episode commentaries that for a so-called "big bad," Eve was certainly still on the out-skirts of the story pretty late in the season. But the thing is: even if the writers knew she was never really going to be the big bad, the characters didn't. They were still chasing her, and by default the audience really should have been, too. By not using her more leading up to this episode, it makes it really clear to look back and go "Of course she's not that important!"

I want to go back and pick through the season to see if the truth about Eve and Castiel and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) holds up well or is hinted at in subtle, even subtextual ways. Off the top of my head the moments I am remembering feeling "off" before could fit into that-- but they could end up still feeling just as inconsistent but for different reasons. Thinking about "Mommy Dearest" post-viewing, the episode felt unbalanced, most probably because the writers wanted to be "clever" and zag at the last minute where they hoped and prayed and assumed the audience would expect them to zig. But the season as a whole feels unbalanced, and kind of poorly time-managed now that we have this great revelation for two powerhouse characters and really only one episode in which to tell their side of things. It's unfortunate that so much time was wasted and that the show relied on the "gotcha" factor of the "twist" to be enough to sustain.

I'm not going to nitpick too specifically or harp too loudly about all of that, though, because honestly I'm just glad Eve is done, dead, gone. Hear that, Sera Gamble? I know that just because you die on this show doesn't mean you can't come back, but leave this one dead!

But I can't help but wonder: what the hell is Castiel (Misha Collins)'s end game? And at this point, does he really have one, or has his original plan gone so awry he is now acting out of his ass (hey, that was a common remark/theme in this episode, after all!)?

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