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'Supernatural' Saturdays: "My Heart Will Go On" Tweetathon Round-Up...

- Interesting. Back to monster of the week, random guy gets ganked in opening. #Supernatural, I've missed you. #SPNWillGoOn

- Wow, that was one part #CSI and one part #Scream4. Spoiler! #SPNWillGoOn

- Ya know, a lot of you wanted me to ask Jensen if he thought Dean had a drinking problem, but what about Bobby?? #SPNWillGoOn

-Heh. Bobby says "gank," too. #SPNWillGoOn

- I love how the boys turn into...well, boys...whenever they're around Bobby. #SPNWillGoOn

- YES! The original Impala plates. LOVE! #SPNWillGoOn

- However the stripes on the Impala*? Do not love! This is why we should not mess with history. Alternate universes are no fun. #SPNWillGoOn

- Aw but at least in this universe Bobby has a lady friend, right @jumblejim? ;) #SPNWillGoOn

- Dean is so adorable. Especially in that tie. #SPNWillGoOn #weeklygratuitoustweet

- You know, it kind of ruins it when you know why these people are dying and Dean doesn't. He's supposed to be the best hunter! #SPNWillGoOn

- I like Fate as a villian. Keep Katie Walder around! #SPNWillGoOn

- Domestic Bobby and Ellen are really cute. Still kind of unorthodox, but cute! #SPNWillGoOn

- It's kind of sad that we only remember the parts of history that are tragedies. The Titanic making its voyage should have been a big deal!

- LOL @sebroche's cheeky grin in his old first mate's costume was adorable! #SPNWillGoOn

- Question: why save the Titanic and not the Twin Towers? That Nic Cage 9/11 movie was pretty terrible, too! #SPNWillGoOn

- Aw man, the butterfly effect is a real thing. Sad that people more quickly associate it with another bad movie :( #SPNWillGoOn

- Dean and Sam are such do-gooders! These 50,000 shouldn't have been born, so why do they feel the need to "save" them?#SPNWillGoOn

- Dean carries more than just that one concealed weapon. #SPNWillGoOn #toofar?

- Lucky break, Dean. If only Fake Dean from#TheRealGhostbusters could see you now. #SPNWillGoOn

- Dean, he doesn't need new friends. You're his friend. You're the BEST friend. #SPNWillGoOn

- If Ellen calls Bobby a girl right now, she will officially be my new favorite. #SPNWillGoOn

- Kinda random but does Samantha Ferris remind anyone else of Linda Hamilton? Maybe I just still have #Chuck on the brain... #SPNWillGoOn

- I honestly never thought of fate as "having a script." I always assumed fate WROTE the script. #SPNWillGoOn

- This is some nice set up for #TheManWhoWouldBeKing:

- LOL Celine! Poor Dean. Poor us all, really. #SPNWillGoOn

- I MUCH prefer it when the boys are actually saving of the day. Right now (and in "The French Mistake"), they're ancillary. #SPNWillGoOn

- Cas gave them that "choose your freedom" speech a season late and a dollar short! #SPNWillGoOn

- Dean in daddy mode! #SPNWillGoOn

*After I sent this Tweet, the shot widened, the car drove off, and I realized it wasn't the Impala after all. Apologies. It's been a long week.

Closing Remarks: Supernatural loves to follow up really heavy, emotional, dramatic episodes by ones of lighter fare and more comedic tones, and "My Heart Will Go On" certainly falls into the latter category, even if it doesn't go as far as next week's will. And can I just say it now? I am SO EXCITED for next week! However, since hell-atus was such a long, long time, it is easy to forget why we might have "needed" this break in the tension. Instead we could just sit back and enjoy the ride, and what a fun ride it was!

The only issue I really had here was the fact that once again the show played with the idea of going back in time and changing the past. And we all know that shouldn't be possible. I don't care if an angel was involved this time, or not, the rules are the rules, and them's the rules! Dean (
Jensen Ackles) had to learn that the hard way when he tried to warn his mother about Yellow Eyes when he was sent back to the seventies, but of course it didn't matter. You can't really change the past without off-setting the entire nature of destiny. And as much as we might want to fight our destinies, we can't-- not fully-- so we already know Balthazar (Sebastian Roche) cannot be successful in a permanent way.

Watching Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) try to figure out what was going on was frustrating since I already knew, but I really loved the idea of Fate as a villain. Not only do I like Katie Walder, but I also just think that's a really interesting statement to make. Just because it is destined for people to die doesn't mean the people in their lives can just let them go so easily. In life or in reel life. We have certainly seen the boys do their share of "rebelling" against fate and destiny when their own family was at stake, but we never saw that concept manifested in a form in front of them. The confrontation then is different when there is something tangible that they can fight, rather than just an idea that floats around them that they can't even prove exists. Having Fate be a literal character is pretty much all the proof you need. And it further clarifies the show's stance on the subject.

Though "My Heart Will Go On" was a fun little detour from the severity of the greater picture, but it seemed kind of odd to take place so late in the game. There's only a few episodes of the season left, and I don't want to see anything rushed or "tacked on" at the end! Yes, the "twist" with Castiel (Misha Collins) just fighting his war a bit dirty certainly seemed to set up future events in episodes to come, such as "The Man Who Would Be King," but it took awhile to get there, and with so few minutes left, they all need to count!

Besides, I get slightly uncomfortable when it's the angels who save the day and the boys are just pawns or patsies or ancillary characters/simple eye-candy. See also: "The French Mistake." They make good eye-candy, but I prefer it when the eye-candy is actually functional, too. It was always the two hunters-- the two brothers-- fighting against everyone and everything to save the world, but lately it feels like they are just being dragged along for the ride. It makes sense from a script standpoint considering there is a much bigger picture out there that we're not privy to, but it's still disappointing. How much is enough of a tease before you lose the craving to taste? If they don't let us see some of it soon, no one's going to stick around to watch shells of their former favorite characters! Besides, I get slightly uncomfortable from Dean's discomfort from lack of control.

It certainly feels like the writers are prepping for a season seven, and all signs seem to point to the fact that they'll get one, so I certainly appreciate their forethought. But without the official network confirmation, it's hard to sit back and relax because there's always the slight chance they won't get that pick-up after all and then the Winchesters will be hanging off that cliff forever. It's a good thing they have upper body strength. At least they look like they do...

And can we talk about Ellen (Samantha Ferris) for a minute? I was really happy to see her come back and pair off with Bobby (Jim Beaver) because it really was the kind of "alternate reality" I wanted for him. She's tough as nails and doesn't put up with any crap-- lest of all his. She would be a great match for him and together the two of them would be the perfect parental surrogates for the boys. Because they really do regress a bit when in their presence. But just like in "What Is And What Should Never Be," it was extremely bittersweet because you know her return can't last. It shouldn't last. It wasn't meant to, and despite whatever Bobby or Dean or Sam is feeling when spending time with her, the minute they learn that this isn't how things were supposed to play out, their heads should be course-corrected, even if their hearts aren't. It's a moment of being strong enough to choose logic over emotion. Dean did it in that second season episode, and Bobby needs to do it now, plain and simple. Sure, it's not easy because if this is the only reality they know than they can't just shut off their feelings. And besides, when Bobby said Ellen was needed, he didn't really just mean he needed her: the show needs her. Or at least some strong female who isn't out to kill humanity in its entirety!

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