Monday, April 11, 2011

Why DanielleTBD Should Be Watching: Not Enough Hours For This Smoregasboard of Shows...

It's almost time for another "Why DanielleTBD Should Be Watching!" After all, season finales are about to be upon us, and then starts the summer barrage of reality shows, so it sounds like the perfect time to finally catch up on one for which I haven't as of yet had the time. As usual, I took to Twitter to ask fellow TV heads what shows they are watching that they would recommend, and the variety of answers included so many great options, I honestly am not sure which to choose!

Some convincing arguments were made across fandoms, such as @GinaRClark saying about Fringe: "It has organically morphed into my replacement for the series LOST. Great characters, smart, creative." In a nutshell, she pretty much summed up everything I look for in a show, but then @SuperSquint made a good case for her favorite, as well: "YOU should be watching Merlin because it is a fun fantasy adventure show with a new take on the Arthur mythos. Very cool!" And @LexiieHunteR asked if White Collar would be eligible for consideration considering it "is such a smart show about a partnership btw an excon man (Matt Bomer) and a FBI agent (Dekay)."

A few shows I already watch were submitted to me, as well, like Nikita and Chuck, but in keeping with the general rules of this particular column, they are ineligible since I already have ample reasons of my own to keep tuning in week after week.

But now I am leaving my fate in your hands, faithful readers! I have narrowed the choices down to the top five options-- selected based on the 140 characters or less convincing-- and I'm asking YOU to choose which one (or two) at which I take a closer, more in-depth look. Want it to be your favorite? Make sure you get your voice heard in the poll below!

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No love for oldies but goodies?? Maybe next time!

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