Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Win A Copy of 'Jawbreaker' On Blu-Ray...

When ABC Family created the "original" sequel to Mean Girls, they claimed the film really took girl-on-girl crime to a new level. But what they seemed to fail to remember was the film that started it all when it came to such bitchy behavior: Jawbreaker.

The nineties were full of "geeky girl turned popular kid" stories, but this cult classic went in a whole different direction. The high school beauties here were the ones everyone wanted to be-- that many might even kill to be. But unfortunately this "flawless four" made one huge mistake. They decided to prank the future prom queen, and things went so south they ended up accidentally killing her (well, she choked on a jawbreaker). Suddenly the "Satan in Heels" nickname popular girl Shayne (Rose McGowan) attracted was suddenly, literally, earned, and it became a rush to cover up the crime and offer a makeover to a delightfully dorky girl who witnessed it all and could spill the secrets.

A true pop culture nerd's dream, this film is a who's who of before they were stars. In addition to McGowan, Mad Love's Judy Greer, No Ordinary Family's Julie Benz, and Rebecca Gayheart starred. Then of course there were smaller roles held by Tatyana Ali, Pam Grier, Jeff Conaway, and Ethan Erickson!

Now Jawbreaker is being adapted into a Broadway musical, and it has just been released on Blu-Ray with a special anniversary edition and one of YOU lucky Made Possible by Pop Culture readers has a chance to win a copy!

Entering this one is really, really simple. Between now and noon on Friday, April 29th, simply contact me either through Twitter, email, or comment below by telling me something YOU regret from high school. You know, assuming the story told in this film is one that these women, if real and alive today, would actually regret!

Good luck!!


Writer Crystal said...

Something I regret from high school? I regret being afraid to be a geek. There are so many geeky things I've come to love over the years that I wouldn't even consider in high school because they weren't "cool." Big mistake. I should have just been myself.

Kyle said...

I forgot there were so many pre-famous people in this film!

If I have any regrets from high school it's probably that I don't have anything to regret--I was too much of a goody-goody and didn't get into any trouble or mischief. Wish I did had some great story to tell.