Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Building My End of the World Army...

Last weekend I was driving to a party in Hollywood, and while I was stopped at the light on Hollywood and Highland, I couldn't help but have my eye drawn to the bright yellow tee-shirts and bright yellow signs quite a number of people on the corner were wearing and waving. They were printed with a date in May 2011, marking it as the end of the world and asking for us all to inquire about being "saved." Um, what? To the best of my knowledge, the end of the world isn't supposed to be until 2012! But then I couldn't shake the images from my mind as I continued down Hollywood Boulevard to the party.

Think about all of the post-war and post-apocalyptic (in one form or another) programming that is coming to televisions, starting with Supernatural. Sure, the apocalypse may not have gone down according to how we had assumed when both Lucifer and Michael fell into the pit at the end of season five, but this war in heaven is sure to change the game again. As it is the "things" that are walking on Earth right now are bigger and badder than the Winchesters have ever seen! Add to that Falling Skies, which looks at a Massachusetts town after an alien attack, as well as Terra Nova, which requires its characters to utilize a portal back in time in order to survive. And then of course, there is AMC's Hell on Wheels, which won't showcase its personal post-war period stylings until much later in the year. What does it add up to? Building a panic room and stocking it with water, good books, toilet paper, and canned goods might be a move for some, but for Made Possible by Pop Culture? We're building the perfect pop culture army with which to defend ourselves and our way of life against whatever might come our way! And who are we enlisting?

Chuck Bartowski (Chuck). I don't care that he's all happy and in love and about to walk down the aisle and stuff, he has a computer in his brain! It's not about "We Want You" but rather "We Need You!" No one else can be trained on literally every weapon the way he can.

Tess Doerner (The 4400). Though by the end of her show's run she had been cured of her schizophrenia and therefore probably "cured" of her abilities, at her prime she was able to control people's thoughts. This means she can get people to do whatever she wants, whether it means building a seemingly unknown device or simply convincing someone not to destroy a serum...or you know, us.

Dean Winchester (Supernatural). He already has experience fighting everything from actual humans (go figure) to ghosts and wendigos and shapeshifters and demons angels. He learned from his father how to be a good little soldier, but as he has grown up he has grown comfortably into a leadership role, too. He's not the best with authority-- unless he's the one pretending to be the authority-- but he has the discipline nonetheless.

Bonnie Bennett (The Vampire Diaries). If we're going to be up against something supernatural or even if we're not, it would be great to have someone who knows how to conjure up a little magic on my side. She may be reluctant to use her powers, but when it's for the greater good, or simply survival, I am confident her instincts would kick in and she would kick ass!

Juliet Burke (LOST). As a doctor, she would be an asset simply because every army needs a good medic, but having gone through all she did on that island, and in the Dharma Initiative, she has skills that far surpass being able to deliver a baby or sew up a bullet or knife wound. She is also pretty damn fearless and willing to sacrifice herself when she knows the cause is great. It's nice to have someone who would go above and beyond like that.

Jayne Cobb (Firefly). He's a mercenary, and though he is usually only motivated by compensation, I choose to believe that I could appeal to the humanity and emotional side he so often tried to suppress. Most importantly for the cause, though, he is an expert shooter and is never too far from his guns, even when he is asleep.

Dexter Morgan (Dexter). It's part of his code to take out those who are "bad" so this would just be the next logical step for the serial killer who has recently developed remorse. Finally his way of life would be accepted on a more widespread level!

Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights). He's from Texas, so he most likely can handle a firearm. But regardless, he knows how to lead men into battle, even if the previous ones were pretty petty, only taking place on a field and all. He can unite even the most diverse group, and he knows how to pump his guys up before the fight but also cut them down when he needs them to fall back in line.

(Nikita). Come on, with her fighting and firearm ability, she may just be the true WMD!

Chuck Shurley (Supernatural). Um, he is God, so yeah, I want him on my team.

And you? Sound off in the comments with additional soldiers you think I should draft!

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Diane said...

Eliot Spencer (Leverage). They don't call him "The Hitter" for nothing! The man can kick some serious a**!!