Monday, May 30, 2011

From LA Examiner: Advance Reviews of 'Red Faction: Origins', 'Teen Wolf' and 'Switched at Birth'...

"Syfy searches for redemption with Red Faction: Origins"

In a move that seems to hand-select and marry elements of Serenity and TRON: Legacy, Syfy's Red Faction: Origins is a tale of mis-representation, second chances, and redemption. Based on the popular video game franchise, "Red Faction," this made-for-TV movie takes the action and imagery to the next level (and fits in between the third and fourth games in the chronology of the story) but makes it even more approachable by following not the gruff rebel who has been cast out by the new society, Alec Mason (Robert Patrick), but instead his clean cut, boy-next-door, likeable but still a bit damaged son, Jake (Brian J. Smith). By begging the question of how much we base our decisions on what we only think to be truths, Red Faction: Origins sets up an extremely relatable existential struggle set on an unbelievable backdrop... [MORE]

"The Teen Wolf pilot isn’t superfluous but does lean toward style over substance"

If you were a fan of the somewhat cheesy, now very dated Teen Wolf from the 1980s, you may be shocked to see what the MTV version for the new generation looks like. It really isn’t a reboot so much as a complete rewrite. Naturally the effects have come alone way in just a few short decades, but with the evolution comes an adaptation of the now classic werewolf tale. No longer are they chained to the curse of the full moon; now werewolves can use their agility and speed as a gift to live fuller, more enriched lives. It is a darker, more weighted tale than ever before, and surprisingly it is coming from usually fluffy MTV. But still, it is nothing new in today’s television landscape and where it’s greatest strength lies is in knowing that and not trying to reinvent the wheel-- or the werewolf lore, as it were-- and instead focusing on creating a mini movie every week... [MORE]

"The Switched at Birth pilot feels too polished but perfect for ABC Family"

In a plot that feels plucked from the most recent season of ABC’s Desperate Housewives, ABC Family’s Switched at Birth tells the tale of teenage girls who learn they went home with the wrong families when they were first born. Bay (the refreshingly toned down Vanessa Marano) is an affluent, artistic teen growing up in a gated community, attending private school, and generally getting ahead in life when her blood type assignment in biology class has her confused about her own genetics. Somehow she convinces her parents (Lea Thompson and D.W. Moffett) to take her to a blood testing facility to get to the bottom of her “magical” blood type results. And it is all downhill from there. Well, at least according to Bay. And anyone who’s not your typical ABC Family audience... [MORE]

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