Thursday, May 12, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Dexter' Snatches Up Mos Def; 'Supernatural' Season & 'Cougar Town' Photos; 'Falling Skies' Cast Preview; Doodle Day 2011 Is Here...

"It's official: Dexter adds Mos (formerly Mos Def) to season six"

Continuing the theme of new season, new blood, this morning Showtime has officially confirmed reports that actor and rapper Mos (formerly Mos Def) has joined the cast of Dexter for its sixth season... [MORE]

"A little taste of Sam in the Supernatural season six finale"

If you were wondering why all the promotional photos for the Supernatural season six finale, "The Man Who Knew Too Much", were anything but about the man of the hour, Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), you weren't alone. But in an episode described as one where the wall comes down in his head, we have to imagine that the majority of the frames are too spoilery to send around prior to air. But don't fret, SamGirls! The CW has released a few more episodes from the show that feature Sam's adventures in the early part of the episode. You know, before it all comes crashing down... [MORE]

"Falling Skies is not "just" TNT's attempt at a genre show"

Earlier today in Los Angeles, the stars of TNT's soon-to-be-summer blockbuster Falling Skies came out to promote their show and chat with reporters about what drew them to the two-year-in-the-making project. Of course having Steven Speilberg attached had to help in knowing that alien creatures and explosions and fight sequence special effects would look amazing, but there is so much more to the show than "just" the genre elements... [MORE]

"Doodle Day 2011 tales television’s finest back to the drawing board-- literally!"

It is that special time of year again! When celebrities of stage, song, and screen have left a little bit of their artistic brilliance on a previously blank white index card so the one-of-a-kind art can be auctioned off to benefit NF, Inc... [MORE]

"Cougar Town heads to Hawaii for their second season finale"

"Something Good Coming", the Cougar Town second season finale, won't air until May 25th, but the two-part, hour-long episode is definitely going to be one you won't want to miss. Maybe even one you want to gather your friends-- and a couple of bottles of wine-- to view together! ... [MORE]

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