Monday, May 16, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Happy Endings' Season Finale Photos; 'Castle' Gets A Graphic Novel; FOX Reveals Its Fall AND Mid-Season Line-Ups...

"Sneak peek at the Happy Endings season finale wedding"

Another season finale, another wedding. But for a series that promised us one in the pilot but then had the woman leave the guy at the alter, shouldn't we have been expecting this all along? Well, maybe, but the first season finale of Happy Endings, airing on May 25th isn't as simple as you might think... [MORE]

"Details on the Castle graphic novel, coming to stores in September 2011"

On the morning of Castle's third season finale, when lives and jobs may be literally hanging in the balance, ABC Studios announced this morning that in teaming up with Marvel Entertainment, they are proud to announce an all-new (hardcover!) graphic novel inspired by the television series! ... [MORE]

"FOX unveils both its fall 2011 and midseason 2012 schedules"

It's here! FOX' fall and summer schedules have landed upon us. There are many new shows on the horizon, including one (Terra Nova) that was on the schedule this time last year but just kept getting pushed due to production constraints. Will its inclusion mean another new series that could have been given a shot will be bumped? Or more importantly, will it be worth the wait? ... [MORE]

"Allen Gregory heads into the heart of FOX' Animation Domination"

FOX has added yet another animated sitcom to its Sunday night Animation Domination extravaganza for Fall 2011. Allen Gregory comes from the mind of Jonah Hill and is a new animated comedy that tells the story of one of the most pretentious seven year olds you will ever meet. He's basically what we imagine Stewie Griffin to be in a few years, but since animated characters never age, we have no way of proving that... [MORE]

"FOX animates cult classic Napoleon Dynamite for 2012"

Though some are planning for the end of the world by the end of this week, FOX is looking ahead into the next year with its primetime television schedule. And one element of note is that they picked up another new animated series to premiere mid-season. Napoleon Dynamite (yes, that Napoleon Dynamite) will take the cult classic film about an awkward teenager and his offbeat family and friends as they struggle to navigate small-town life and freeze-frame them in those moments after the film, in animated form... [MORE]

"FOX plays with time, sets Terra Nova premiere for fall 2011"

Terra Nova has been a long time in the making. This time last year FOX was announcing its inclusion in their 2010-2011 slate of programming, only to have to bump it later when they realized that the scope of the show required much more work to be done before it would be ready for air. The thirteen-episode series needs to undergo a lot of post-production coloring, timing, and VFX in order to properly convey the two different worlds. After all, one is set over one hundred (104, to be exact) years in the future, while the other is eighty-five million years in the past. It is an extensive, and most likely exhaustive process... [MORE]

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