Friday, May 13, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Human Planet' Blu-Ray Review; Final 'Smallville' Cast Thoughts; NBC Picks Up More Comedies...

"Explore all of the beauty of Human Planet on Blu-Ray"

The world is changing so quickly these days, and the way in which we relate to it is changing as well. It’s a fascinating thing to consider. If we’re the most evolved species then we should have the most evolved way of interacting with each other, the “lesser” species, and the natural world around us…right? Or at least we should have the most evolved way of documenting it. And the latter is most certainly true with Human Planet... [MORE]

"Smallville finale as seen by Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Michael Rosenbaum"

"If this series is about one thing, it's about identity-- about Clark finding out who he is," Smallville series star Tom Welling has stated. And tonight, ten years in the making, his Clark Kent is finally ready to embrace the "Superman" he has been destined to be... [MORE]

"NBC gets in bed with Chelsea Handler"

Continuing their wave of new show pick-ups, NBC has announced this morning that they are ordering Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea? to series. Based on the hit memoir from comedienne and talk show host Chelsea Handler, the pilot stars Laura Prepon as the protagonist "Chelsea"... [MORE]

"John Enbom is not quite a 'Free Agent', ordered to series by NBC"

We could not be more excited to report that Party Down's John Enbom is employed again! The half-hour comedy genius is heading to NBC, alongside fellow Party Down alumn Adam Scott, to work on the brand new series Free Agents picked up by the peacock network today... [MORE]

"Not a 'Perfect Couple' anymore, David Walton and Amanda Peet get Bent"

Just when you think NBC couldn't possibly have anything left to offer, they pull another pilot from the pile and push it forward to series. This one is Bent, starring David Walton and Amanda Peet, and might not make it on the fall schedule but instead follow in the footsteps of his most recent comedy for the peacock network and make its debut mid-season... [MORE]

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