Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From LA Examiner: Late Evening NBC Pick-Ups...

"NBC picks up Whitney Cummings' penned & vehicle pilot"

NBC's upfront ceremony isn't until Sunday, but true to form the news of their pick-ups leaked on Twitter early. This is in part because producers now take to social media sites to express their excitement when their projects get a go, but it is also in part because upfronts are mainly for advertisers, and reporters like to offer first looks in advance so buzz can build as soon as possible. It's a win-win, really. So what did NBC pick up for the 2011-2012 fall television season? Well, first heard is the Whitney Cummings helmed pilot, simply titled Whitney... [MORE]

"NBC orders half-hour comedy starring Christina Applegate & Will Arnett"

If you are an executive at NBC, and a pilot lands across your desk starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph and penned by a Parks and Recreation writer (Emily Spivey), what would you do? Order it to series, right? Well, luckily for you-- and for all of us, really-- that is exactly what has happened today... [MORE]

"Smash (no, not a Friday Night Lights spin-off) picked up"

If you're like LA TV Insider Examiner and have all but given up on glee because its characters are too sophomoric to watch without wanting to kick every dude you see in the crotch lest he spawn a child like the insipid characters, then you may not be too willing to warm to any other new series dealing with a musical. But that might be a bit short-sighted and just as sophomoric a decision as those New Directions kids usually make. And NBC thinks you are better than that... [MORE]

"It's not all original series; NBC picks up Prime Suspect remake"

Making it four for four with Universal produced pilots, NBC has announced today that they are picking up Prime Suspect, a remake of the hit British series that starred Helen Mirren. The NBC version, though, stars Maria Bello and Aidan Quinn... [MORE]

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