Thursday, May 12, 2011

From LA Examiner: Late Night NBC Pick-Ups (Part Two)...

"NBC brings Inception to TV with Kyle Killen's Awake"

We're still a few days away from NBC's official upfront ceremony, but this evening Deadline is reporting that more early pick-ups from NBC are trickling in. With all of the shows assumed to get the axe, they have ample slots to fill after all! Tonight the talk of the town is Kyle Killen's Awake (working title: REM)... [MORE]

"NBC to look back on the sexual sixties with The Playboy Club"

Deadline has also reported that NBC is picking up The Playboy Club, a new drama set in the 1960s (Mad Men style) around a Playboy Club in Chicago. Go figure. The script, penned by Chad Hodge, uses the club as a way to explore the changes in social acceptability of sexuality in the country during that tumultuous time period... [MORE]

"NBC cop dramas get a little more Grimm"

NBC wants more cop shows (said like "More cowbell")! Today they picked up Grimm, yet another procedural crime/cop drama. Though this one has a bit of a twist to set it apart from the network's major crime franchise, Law & Order. See, in Grimm, the serial is set in a dark and somewhat fantastical world where the Grimm's fairy tale characters are alive, well, real, and not the nicest kids on the block... [MORE]

"More Parenthood coming to NBC's...well, 'hood: Series renewed for season three"

In addition to all of the new shows NBC is adding to its 2011-2012 schedule, they have brought back critical darling Parenthood, despite lower season two ratings and a relatively high cost of production... [MORE]

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