Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Modern Family', 'Cougar Town', 'Happy Endings' Season Finale Previews; More 'Dexter' Casting; Interview with Newest 'Biggest Loser'

"Modern Family’s season two finale sees big changes, but family still remains"

Modern Family has enough characters that we often see them split off, in their own microcosm of familial units rather than all together at a big event. After all, navigating all of those characters in one place, at one time can be tricky, and coming up with reasons to thrust them upon each other can be even more complicated. But it is in the moments when they form one large, and at times awkward, “super” family that comedy gold is surely spun, and what better time to go out on such a high note than a season finale? ... [MORE]

"Cougar Town hopes you’re up for any adventure in its second season finale"

Taking a vacation with the Cougar Town cul-de-sac crew is bound to be a great, wine-soaked time. But taking an island vacation with the cul-de-sac crew is going to be even better, and in the second season finale we get to go along for the ride as Jules (Courteney Cox) and “friends” head to Hawaii! ... [MORE]

"Happy Endings' first season finale lives up to its title"

When a series isn’t sure if its season finale will end up being the final episode they ever share with their fans, it’s always a bonus when they manage to bring it around full circle. And in twelve short episodes that is exactly what Happy Endings does. But thankfully their end is not permanent; it is merely the turning of one chapter page to another. No longer will the show be a freshman comedy on ABC, and no longer will its characters be as unsure and somewhat lost as they have been... [MORE]

"Billy Brown K.O's the competition for coveted Dexter role"

The Hollywood Reporter has printed that a former Lights Out star has joined the cast of Dexter in season six. As one Twitter user commented to us yesterday, "Who isn't joining Dexter in season six!?" But this particular piece of news comes as an exciting one for LA TV Insider Examiner as the deeply layered but of course flawed role he portrayed in the short-lived FX boxing drama will undoubtedly only be amplified under Dexter's lights... [MORE]

"The latest Biggest Loser, Olivia Ward, credits her trainer for her new life"

Olivia Ward started on her Biggest Loser journey at 261 pounds and with her best friend and sister Hannah right alongside her. Worried that she would never be able to have children at such a weight, and that her opera singer career would be one of typecasting, she set out to make a change and ended up making a mark on her other contestants and the audience in the process... [MORE]

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