Monday, May 23, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Rookie Blue' Season Two Premiere Sneak Peek; Mitch Pileggi Speaks About His 'Supernatural' Experience; 'Nurse Jackie' Renewed...

"Sneak peek at the Rookie Blue second season premiere"

Rookie Blue won’t be premiering its second season on ABC until June 23rd, pushed back a week from its original start date. This will allow the alphabet network to air rebroadcasts of its first fan favorite season beginning on May 26th. But if you don’t want to have to wait a month for some new footage, check out the promotional photo slideshow from the second season premiere to the left... [MORE]

"Guess which Supernatural star Mitch Pileggi called a “physical specimen” + more set secrets"

When Mitch Pileggi’s Samuel Campbell was brought back into Supernatural season sixth, tons of fans rejoiced, LA TV Insider Examiner included. The patriarch of the Campbell family who at least one of the Winchester boys had just gotten to know had been stripped from the story so quickly (and in true Supernatural fashion, so violently) that it was exciting to see what they’d do now that they’d found a way to bring him back from the dead. Unfortunately, though, once he was there he was shrouded in such mystery they didn’t get to do a whole lot with him. And once the fans learned of how he got there, many (again LA TV Insider Examiner included) felt the character was done a disservice. But for Pileggi, the chance to head back up to Vancouver, a town he spent almost a decade in for another little genre series (The X-Files), was welcomed nonetheless, especially because of the crew... [MORE]

"Showtime renews prescription for Nurse Jackie but not United States of Tara"

Knock, knock. Who's there? Nurse Jackie with a season four! Per the Hollywood Reporter, Showtime has announced today that they are moving forward with a fourth season of their Emmy-winning half-hour comedy Nurse Jackie starring Edie Falco. The series is currently in the middle of airing its third season on the premium cable network, and we have to show our bias right now and tell you that after screening the season finale early (it will air in June 2011), we would have been up in arms if the network had decided any other way... [MORE]

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