Thursday, May 26, 2011

From LA Examiner: Tyler Posey Is The New 'Teen Wolf'; 'Love' Does Not Bite on NBC!; 'Weeds' Shakes Up Its Seventh Season...

"Tyler Posey talks the unexpected challenges of Teen Wolf"

Tyler Posey grew up on the set of Teen Wolf. Sure, his character of Scott McCall had his own coming-of-age moment when he was bitten in the woods and began a transformation from somewhat quiet and unassuming high school boy to hyper-sensitized wolf-man. But for Posey, who is the “baby” of the cast at nineteen, it was much more than that. The original pilot for the series was shot last year, and it just took MTV awhile to get it ready for series, so not only was Posey becoming an adult in his own right on set but he also had a few defining moments in any young man’s life while there... [MORE]

"The vignette style of Love Bites will leave you wanting more"

We've been waiting for the premieres of Love Bites on NBC ever since the peacock network announced they were ordering it to series just about a year ago today. But then it didn't show up on the fall schedule...or even the mid-season one, and we'll admit it: we got a little scared. First that it would never show up at all, and second, that if it finally did, it couldn't possibly be worth the wait. Well, today we are happy to report that we were wrong on both accounts! ... [MORE]

"Another Lights Out star heads to Showtime; Weeds nabs him, Martin Short, more"

As if it wasn't enough that Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) will be incarcerated (at least for a short period of time) when the seventh season of Weeds begins airing on Showtime this summer, Jenji Kohan decided to mix it up even more by introducing a number of new characters! ... [MORE]

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