Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Official! I'm Moving To Pawnee!...

If you're an aspiring comedic actor in Los Angeles, the show you should be trying to get on is NBC's Parks and Recreation. Not only do they deliver some of the most memorable and quotable lines that will leave you chuckling for days after the episodes have aired, but they are also really good to their cast-- stars, recurring, bit players, and extras alike. They will often bring an actor back and expand on their quirky characteristics that make them the perfect colorful Pawnee citizen (see: Jean-Ralphio, Marcia Langman, etc). My own acting aspirations died long, long ago, but sometimes I find myself wanting to give it the ole college try just to get on the set and be shrouded in such creativity. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they are one of the nicest casts on television today!

Parks and Recreation is planning for its fourth season right now; you can see what co-creator Mike Schur is thinking for that right here.

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