Friday, May 20, 2011

The Return of 'The Muppets'...

If it's really the end of the world this weekend, well, then this new promotional poster released today for The Muppets is extremely timely. But if The Muppets invade, I, for one, would welcome them.

As a child, I remember watching one very special episode of the Muppet Babies, in which Baby Miss Piggy took the group on a magical ride in some sort of time machine/space ship. I was four or five; it was a long time ago; I don't really remember what the hell was going on in the episode. But I remember vividly flipping over my own Playskool table and trying to create my own version of the transport vehicle. I threw a sheet over the legs (oh, and I tied the sheet to the legs with shoelaces. You know, so it would fly off in take-off...) and ducked underneath. I couldn't see the television anymore, but I could hear it and pretend I was one of them.

Recently I went on eBay and found my favorite Muppet Babies necklace from that time in my life and purchased it again. It's made for a child, so I can't actually wear it around my neck, but on November 23rd when the movie comes out, I plan to wrap it around my wrist and be first in line!

The Muppets as a new film comes from Walt Disney Pictures and Jason Segel, a big fan and a big kid in his own right. Of course the usual gang of Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Animal are back, but this time they're teaming up with Segel, Amy Adams and Chris Cooper (and a handful of celebrity cameos that will undoubtedly call further back to my childhood) for an all-star adventure that puts the world's biggest Muppet fan and his friends from Smalltown USA in the vicinity of a nefarious plan to drill for oil under the old Muppets' stomping grounds. This means it's telethon time to raise the ten million dollars needed to save their theater, and it's rally time to reunite the Muppet crew, each of whom have gone their separate ways since we last saw them years ago.

Um, the Muppets and a reunion theme? I am so sold!

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