Sunday, May 15, 2011

'SNL' Blasts Back To The 90s with Live-Action 'Ambiguously Gay Duo' Sketch...

True story: When I was in in junior high school my parents enrolled me in a prep course to help me study for the standardized test to get into the math and science magnet high schools in New York City. It was part math, part verbal, part logic, and the only thing I remember from that prep course (other than eating M&Ms and reading Soap Opera Digest in the corner of the room each week) was that our practice test included a question that required us to know the definition of "ambiguous." And because of Saturday Night Live (and my early grasp on sarcasm), I knew that one instantly.

Needless to say last night's blast-from-the-past sketch was a nice surprise on an otherwise dull as usual SNL. The fact that I had just seen Jon Hamm as a douchebag womanizer in Bridesmaids definitely added a nice layer to the take, as well.

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