Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Supernatural' Saturdays: 7 Female Guest Stars Who Should Return In Season 7...

Okay, yes, there are a lot of great guys that have come and gone from Supernatural (*cough Ash cough*), but the show, as a whole, over the years has been extremely devoid of strong (consistent) females. There have been a few-- most of them demons that needed to be killed-- but as someone who grew up a young girl looking to television for strong female role models, I wanted more. Now that the show has a female showrunner in Sera Gamble, and the world is turning on its head once again in the new season to come, I don't think it's too much to ask to integrate a kick-ass woman to aid these Winchester you?


If Supernatural wanted to do it, they wouldn't even have to look too far. Over the past six seasons they have featured a handful of women who, even though they were one-off guest stars sparked something with the boys and with the audience (or at least me). They proved themselves to be smart, savvy, quick on their feet, and for the most part, more than willing to not only keep the secret of what is really out th
ere but also to stand up and fight when the the time called for it. They would be assets to the team.

7. Serinda Swan - Usually I'm not one for reusing actors in new roles. I always remember them from the original one, and it always throws me, causing me to spend more time trying to figure out if there really is a connection to the first part they played on the show, some kind of call back in the mythology, or if the producers just hoped no one would notice. Or care. She has already played two different roles on Supernatural-- as a receptionist I honestly don't even remember in one episode and as the much more memorable Veritas in
"You Can't Handle The Truth." Admittedly I don't want to see a return to Veritas, but I think as an actor, she has a lot to offer to the show. She's training in krav maga, which would only add to the level of authenticity and intensity of the hand-to-hand demon-fighting, and we already know she can play stoic and a bit brooding from her work on Breakout Kings. And on The CW, brooding is key!
6. Detective Diana Ballard (played by Linda Blair and seen in "The Usual Suspects") - Come on, it's nice to have a proper law enforcement official on these boys' side, isn't it? Besides, who would want the genre cred this woman would bring to the show?

5. Pamela Barnes (played by Traci Dinwiddie and first seen in "Lazarus Rising") - I broke my own rule here. At first I was only going to allow guest stars who were in one episode to be considered. She was in a few, but she befell a fate of which she was not worthy. If Castiel has spent so much time trying to be friends with the boys, wouldn't he then bring back some of their (human) pals he smited? It is because of him that
Pamela lost the ability to see, after all, and yes, last we saw her, she seemed pretty happy up in her version of heaven, overlooking things below. But Castiel has gone rogue, and what if he plucks her from that happy oblivion to try to get back onto Dean and Sam's good side? I'm all for her teaming up with Bobby and bailing the "kids" out of a few jams.
4. Dr. Visyak (played by Kim Johnston Ulrich and first seen in "Like
A Virgin") - I'm only going to say this once: Bobby Singer needs a love interest.
Layla (played by Julie Benz and seen in "Faith") - Okay, she's probably dead by now, for sure, having never actually been "faith healed" in her episode. But who knows? Maybe an angel took pity on her-- or maybe she could come back as an angel (is that possible? I don't really know how the Bible works...) to guide Dean in his time of need. He may not want to trust angels anymore, but maybe she can help him see the light. So to speak.
2. Missouri (played by Loretta Devine and seen in "Home") - I cannot stress enough how much I loved her role and wanted her to return. When I heard that it was always the plan for her to return but scheduling did not permit it at the time, I couldn't help but wonder why the producers dropped it, and ultimately her, and never went back after her for a subsequent season. As much as I enjoyed Pamela, I would have loved it even more if in "Lazarus Rising" Bobby had taken a newly resurrected Dean to Missouri's house. Maybe we still have that chance, but with a severely wounded Sam after the wall breaks, when season seven opens...

1. Sarah Blake (played by Taylor Cole in "Provenance") - She hit it off with Sam even though she seemed more Dean's type, so in a time when he is going to need everyone to rally around him, why not bring back the only living girl with whom he seemed to have the slightest chemistry and interest? Besides, she was spunky; she learned what was really going on with her auction house's haunted painting, and she didn't even miss a beat! She seemed ready to step up and accept the new responsibility that comes with being a hunter. And on a personal level, The Event just got cancelled, so she's probably looking for her next gig.

And before you all get up in a frenzy, yes, of course I do love Katie Cassidy. But I just don't see how she could come back. Ever. Sorry, guys.


Annie said...

Don't really have an opinion of any of the other gals but I loved Sarah Blake & Jared's chemistry so much!!! Would love to see her come back!

annielicious14 said...

Actually, that's a good list! I like. So it is written...... :-)