Saturday, May 21, 2011

'Supernatural' Saturdays: "Let It Bleed" Tweetathon Round-Up...

- It's starting!

- Nobody will write a better book than Chuck Shurley. Sorry, random man from 1937.

- Moishe? Aw Dean is half and half, just like me!

- Do you think my neighbors will worry about me if I paint angel sigils on my windows?

- Oh Dean, how did you miss a horror reference? "I was too busy having sex with women"-- That's Joey Tribbiani's line!

- Remember the Ben who threw his own jacket over the broken glass to help the other little kids bust out from the changeling? I miss him.

- Hel-lo, ! You are welcome to bust into my house anytime.

- Yes, Dean, what ARE they to you? Because if you didn't have enough problems, you have to define this relationship.

- The Impala to the rescue!

- "You've been scooped" LOVE.

- You call Bobby, duh. You should ALWAYS call Bobby.

- I can't help but giggle every time I hear "Lovecraft." And now Columbo.

- Whenever this show allows us to actually see Bobby out on a case I fear for his safety.

- I like Dean's way of getting answers. But I would NEVER try that with *my* sources!

- I wonder what Sam could do differently, other than not be as emotionally involved. Is he as strong as when he was on demon blood?

- Awww Cas looks so wounded! I can't help but feel bad for him.

- Cas says "I'll be back" SO much better than Ah-nold. Especially in the light of recent events.

- Sebastian Roche told me Balthazar was loyal to his "brother" Cas at this point. It bums me out Cas was not reciprocating

- If we do endure the rapture tomorrow, I WILL be blaming Castiel. But I may be okay with it.

- Please be a picture of Lisa. Please be a picture of Lisa.

- That's a big needle, Dean/ What are you compensating for? Just kidding. I heart you.

- I have never hated commercials more. Even if they did give me one for .

- You still are like family, Cas, but sometimes family doesn't like each other.

- Ouch, way to burn Sam, Cas.

- Oh boo. I liked her :( And now she must die.

- By the way, I love how last season Sam & Dean were at odds as brothers; now Cas & Dean are. Blood doesn't define family

- Why? Why do you like it here? Humans are pretty awful.

- I love Balthazar. I'd want to go out for dessert with him. But I think it's a terrible idea for these boys to team up with angels. (cont)

- They would never team up with demons! And look how far the heavenly "help" has made things worse so far.

- Poor Ben needs to get some sun.

- The lack of reaction Lisa & Ben have to the crazy demonic slashings is probably the most worrisome thing about all this

- That's not where his appendix is, sweetie.

- Why is Cindy never at any of 's conventions? She's kind of awesome.

- Latin isn't just for better grades on the SATs anymore.

- She's dead with you in the meatsuit, too, and who wants you around?

- Yes, Ben, shoot. Even if it's Sam.

- Jensen Ackles is breaking my heart. This should not be news but it's worth noting b/c he can do so much w/ just a look.

- I don't like it when Castiel just swoops in and fixes things. It's too easy!

- Oh scratch that. I don't really call that a fix.

Closing Remarks: Once Bobby (Jim Beaver), and the audience by extension, learned exactly what went down after that dinner party seventy-some-odd years ago, I will admit I just sat around and waited to see the modern-day replication with Lisa (Cindy Sampson) and Ben (Nicholas Elia) play out. The promotional photos from "Let It Bleed" aside, this was going to be Dean (Jensen Ackles)'s big moment of the season-- his time to shine as an actor and a hunter and his time to realize exactly what is most important to him.

After viewing but not fully digesting this episode, I have to wonder if the episode title says it all. In order to get Dean back to his "fighting stance" that we knew and loved for the first five seasons, he had to lose Lisa; he had to let go; he had to just let her bleed to death (okay, that looks really terrible when you see it in print, but you know what I mean-- and it turned out to be used in the metaphoric sense anyway). There was really no way to wrap up the story line with her alive and well and a part of Dean's life. Was it heartbreaking to watch him say his good-bye and get no response because they didn't know him anymore? Yes, of course it was, and it will start my #EmmyForAckles campaign. But the fact that he couldn't see any other way out made perfect sense. Dean knows better than anyone how every hunter's loved ones are susceptible at any and all times. If Crowley (Mark Sheppard) can come for them, so will countless others.

I hope this means that in season seven we will see a return to the tough, no ties Dean. Sure, he still has his memories of what could have been, but the pull isn't the same because the option of turning back up on their doorstep is no longer there.

Though, I am kind of bummed Ben won't follow in his surrogate daddy's footsteps. He showed so much potential way back when in "The Kids Are Alright" and we finally saw the hints of that when he strapped on a shotgun to save his mother's life. But really that is no way to live, and Dean has always known that, too. Sparing them was the most unselfish thing he could have done and quite possibly the first true time he put someone else first.

I do have hopes to see Lisa again in season seven. Maybe I'm reading too much into things but when Dean stepped into the doorway, I thought I saw a flicker in her eye and almost the start of a smile on her face. Okay, to be fair, that's my reaction when he walks into a room-- or on-screen-- but still. She may or may not have any hidden memories in there, ala the wall in Sam (Jared Padalecki)'s own head, but Dean does. And so monsters or demons or angels might still toy with this now innocent woman just in order to get to him. And when you think of it that way, maybe the move wasn't so smart after all. It appears teaming up with Castiel (Misha Collins) never is these days.

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