Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What DanielleTBD Will Be Watching: CBS 2011-2012 Edition...

Admittedly I don't really watch much on the eye network. Not consistently anyway. I just find that I can take or leave a lot of their programming. It doesn't grab me the way so many other shows do. Maybe it's because I'm not really their target demo; maybe it's because they are slower to adapt to the new ways of story-telling; maybe it's just because they do still rely heavily on canned laughter and formulaic procedurals. Anyway, this year doesn't seem to be much different from the past...

The Amazing Race - I don't travel. I mean, really, never. I don't have the time; I don't have the money; I don't have the foreign language skills. But this show, although increasingly focused on making the racers look ridiculous, allows me to see parts of the world and pieces of culture at which I wouldn't otherwise get a peek.

The Big Bang Theory - Adding the extra women to the cast has rounded the show out and taken the dynamic to a whole other level. While the core four guys are still the heart and cause giddy laughter whenever they get together to play Klingon Boggle or Rock Band or Sheldon's version of chess, the girls are now the soul. They are spunky; they are sardonic; and they are a seemingly odd match which only makes their chemistry that much more unique and enjoyable.

Hawaii Five-0 - Alex O'Loughlin. Beautiful beaches. Guns. I have really basic, if a somewhat odd combination of, interests.

The Good Wife - I did not expect to like this show when it first debuted, assuming it was going to be just another legal procedural. But I was hooked nearly immediately, and every subsequent episode from the first few of season one have been a slow and steady build to greatness. The wave has yet to crash, meaning I don't believe the show has even it its peak yet, but it has certainly marked in a nice stride. Centered on Julianna Margulies, now the strong players around her, namely Archie Panjabi, really get to shine, too. I love watching a woman who is not perfect and does not have it all figured out still succeed, too, by the way.

Person of Interest - I honestly am a sucker for the names attached to this project. J.J. Abrams, when actually hands-on is fantastic; Michael Emerson is an acting genius; and Jim Caviezel? Way to turn up the heat, CBS! But in much less shallow ways, this show also promises to deliver on unique instead of just quirky characters and unlikely partnership.

I'm still on the fence about:

Two Broke Girls - I'm not sure how much I want to watch a comedy about young women who are living in an expensive city and therefore living beyond their means. I mean, I'm kind of living that right now... I like Kat Dennings, and I'm excited to see Beth Behr in a role I don't want to strangle, but I am also just kind of wary about getting too excited because I got super excited for Mad Love just a few months ago, and look how that turned out! I know the shows are different, but I could see some of the criticisms of this one be the same, especially since they paired it with How I Met Your Mother, too.

Unforgettable - I'm the last person in the world who thinks what we need is yet another cop drama, but CBS does tend to do them better than anyone else. Besides, this one stars Poppy Montgomery who I loved in Without a Trace about a female detective who has the uncanny ability to remember every little detail about everything she encounters. So solving cases should be a snap for her, right? Well, yeah, and that's another problem: where's the conflict in that? Clearly I'm going back and forth on this one...

How To Be A Gentleman - I feel like this show needs a cross-over from Barney Stinson. It just has that kind of vibe. A journalist (David Hornsby-- Rickety Crickett!-- who also wrote the pilot script) starts a column giving other guys advice on life and love, but something tells me he isn't really taking the advice to heart. It sounds kind of dude-oriented in an alienating way, and I definitely don't like the book it's based on which just feels like a handbook no one should need, let alone be willing to pay for, but I really, really like Hornsby and want to seem him skyrocket to more mainstream success so I will give it a shot.

A Gifted Man - Patrick Wilson is adorable, and I will normally watch Margo Martindale in anything, but I'm just not sure about this. Not only is it part medical drama (Wilson is a surgeon), but it has this odd supernatural element of a man being unable to let go of his dead wife who is now going to help him from beyond. That is just false advertising. That doesn't happen in life. It bugs me that we cling to the idea-- the hope-- that maybe it can.

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