Thursday, May 19, 2011

What DanielleTBD Will Be Watching: The CW 2011-2012 Edition...

Every season I start with a small number of CW shows I think will hit me, but true to their slogan, as the buzz and the chatter grows, I more often than not add to the list. So while this is thin now, especially when compared to powerhouses NBC and ABC, I expect it to look very different once I actually get to view all of the pilots. Sometimes what I think sounds ridiculous on paper actually ends up working in a way I never imagined on-screen, so though I have my opinions already pretty fully formed about these, come TCA time I may have a change of heart. Last year I found myself oddly charmed by a number of the stars the network paraded in front of me and ended up giving more than I was intending to a fairer shot. Plus, all the pretty never hurts!

Supernatural - Oh come on, do I really need to explain this choice at this point in time!?

Nikita - Though the first season finale could have worked as a series finale, I could not be happier that it is not going to have to and that not only is the show coming back, but it is being paired with my favorite show on the network, Supernatural. Friday nights with my television just got a whole lot more fun! Though I have to say I hope they don't keep Nikita and Alex split apart for too long otherwise it runs the risk of becoming a different show, and if the show is called Nikita, she has to be the center-- not Alex, not even the new relationship with Michael!

Ringer - The script didn't sell me initially because it was a little all over the place, and it dealt with a lot of elements that I found "too easy." The affair being the number one offender on the list. But then Kristoffer Polaha signed on, and any reservations I had went out the window. I have never not enjoyed one of his projects. The way the internet has buzzed about Sarah Michelle Gellar coming back to TV? That's how I feel about his talent instead. So I'm really glad he's in a new show so soon after his last one ended.

Hart of Dixie - I'm sorry, but this sounds like everything I want out of life, let alone a television show! Big city girl moves to small town and is surrounded by an eccentric group of new friends who welcome her like she's returning home, not starting a new. Plus it has small town boy done good Jason Street! Okay, you know what? I'm not sorry; I'm super excited this got picked up!

I'm still on the fence about:

The Secret Circle - I think Britt Robertson is supremely talented, but unfortunately the whole adapting YA novels to TV series thing is a bit tired. Especially when what is being adapted has an interesting premise but not great execution. Just because I didn't like the book doesn't mean I won't like the show, but after reading a draft of the script, well, I don't like it on paper at all. Maybe Robertson and all of the other fresh, young talent can change my mind, but I have a feeling this will be one of those "take or leave it" shows that I only watch after the fact, on DVD, on a rainy or otherwise cold weekend where I don't want to get off my couch.

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