Monday, June 20, 2011

A Birthday Present...For One of YOU!...

It is my birthday this week, and it's kind of a big one. Not necessarily in numbers or anything, but in meaning. I had made all of these plans when I was a kid for what I wanted to accomplish and by when, and for some reason I chose my twenty-sixth year as my deadline. Needless to say the past three hundred and sixty-five days were quite a push to try to nudge me closer to what I always saw as an ideal and still come in before the buzzer. I still haven't hit every mark, but I think I deserve celebrating anyway! And I invite you all to join me!

My friends usually give me Amazon gift cards, DVDs, books, any form of media, really, as gifts for birthdays and holidays. They know how much I love all things television and pop culture, and now I'm turning it around and sharing the wealth, so to speak. When I was a kid, I often had just as much fun putting together gift bags for those who attended my parties as I did opening my own presents, so today I am giving away a swag goodie bag!

Want to win? First, you MUST be following me on Twitter to be eligible. Then just ReTweet any article that I write today through the 23rd, my actual birthday, to help me get closer to my professional goals. Or you can Tweet a link to any old article you may just really, really love. :) The ReTweets will enter you automatically! I will draw and notify the winner at 9am PT on June 24th, after I awaken from my ice cream cake-induced sugar coma!

I'm not one for surprises, in parties or presents, so here are the contents* of the (Access Hollywood tote) bag:

  • Hellcats logo tee-shirt (size medium).
  • A copy of "The Biggest Loser: Flavors of the World" cookbook.
  • A pack of Betty Boop playing cards.
  • A copy of the Fan Favorites TV Guide Magazine (from April 2011) featuring so many of my actual, personal favorites: Castle, Chuck, and of course, Supernatural.
  • Tangled in Little Golden Book form.
  • The latest single from Subtle Sexuality (The Office's Kelly Kapoor and Erin Hannon).
  • A round leather, studded Calleen Cordero keychain.
  • A "Traffic Sucks" Vampire Diaries bumper sticker.
  • A copy of my pop culture memoir.

(*bear not included)

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