Monday, June 20, 2011

First There Were The Winchesters, Now There Are The Masons...

Drew Roy is the second-coming of Dean Winchester.

That got your attention, right? Well, I hate to say it but I *may* have been exaggerating a bit for effect. The actor himself doesn't necessarily embody my favorite demon-hunter, but his Falling Skies character most certainly does!

Roy is Hal Mason, the eldest son of Tom (Noah Wyle) in the TNT drama about the post-alien invasion world. Though we aren't privy to footage of the initial attacks, we certainly get the picture of what life is like with them walking among the rest of us. And perhaps a bit surprisingly, life in "Second Massachusetts" looks for the Masons a lot like what life traveling the greater United States has looked like for the Winchesters.

The Masons (and the rest of the "fighters" in this new form of society) have created their own law by which to live by. It is not simply a list of rules to keep hunters alive or a moral code to protect the innocent from what they always assumed was just fictional threats. In this case it is a very literal law, as there are no governments-- city, state, or otherwise. Just as John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) lead other hunters like William Harvelle or even Bobby Singer, Tom Mason is leading these troops, too. And what's a bigger battle: one against demons or one against aliens?

And just like how Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) followed in his daddy's footsteps to fight monsters while his younger brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) went off to school, such is the case with Hal and his baby bro Matt (Maxim Knight). The age difference between the Mason brothers is greater than the Winchesters, but the sentiment is the same. Tom and Hal strap on rifles and ride off on motorcycles to fight the demons of their day, but they keep Matt relatively sheltered from all of the evil.

Matt may know the kinds of things that are out there-- he witnessed the initial attacks, after all-- but during the day he goes to school (even if the subjects they teach are adjusted for the new world in which they are living); he gets a makeshift birthday party; he even sets up a game of catch with his dad. He just wants things to go back to normal, back to the way they were, while Hal is hardened to the point where you wonder if he really could turn back if suddenly things were brighter and sunnier tomorrow.

"He holds it all in," Tom says of his elder son. He worries about him, yet he still walks side by side with him on patrol, even though the boy is only sixteen. But when Matt asks to learn to shoot or to go along with his family, he is shut down. Tom wants to shield him, preserve his childhood as long as possible, keep him a kid. A courtesy he didn't extend to Hal. That certainly sounds familiar!

I am sure the first season of Falling Skies will be a lot more about simply surviving rather than really thriving as a family unit. And for that, any tension between the men is sure to grow and fester and provide for great brooding angst. Right now Hal is happy to protect his brother; he is willing to tell his brother to cut their dad some slack; but we all know how that weigh on a person after time! I can't wait to watch how it all unfolds!

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Dahne said...

I was unable to see Falling Skies on Sunday because I was out of town. After reading this I have promoted Falling Skies to Friday viewing instead of Sunday. Dean Winchester is my favorite character too.