Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From LA Examiner: Advance Reviews of 'Weeds' & 'The Big C' Returns; Interviews on Emmys & 'Fringe' & W/ Terrell Tilford; Kristoffer Polaha & Ben Bass

"Weeds S7 is Nancy Botwin's age-old struggle, just in a new setting"

The seventh season of Weeds begins much like Ocean’s Eleven: Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) sits in a chair, facing the parole board after having served three years of her sentence for manslaughter (self-defense, really?) for killing Pilar. It’s not exactly kosher, nor is it expected, but someone wants her released and released to a half-way house specifically, not relocation as she seems to have been promised. It should be a fresh start nonetheless, though, right? Well, "should" certainly be the operative word here. After all, Nancy really has no marketable skills; that was what got her into this mess in the first place, and even though it is years later, it is to where she runs right back... [MORE]

"How Kristoffer Polaha went from CBS' Person of Interest to The CW's Ringer"

Kristoffer Polaha was the lead in The CW’s darling Life Unexpected and then got signed to a holding deal with CBS to basically find the perfect show for his star on the rise. So how did he end up on an ensemble drama back on The CW? Well, according to the star, the reasons were three-fold... [MORE]

"Emmy talk with cult comedy darlings Community and Parks and Recreation"

Sometimes the smartest comedies are the ones that kind of sneak up on you. They seem unassuming at first, and maybe you turn them on just for some background noise during dinner or to unwind at the end of a long workday. But soon they have you completely focused, completely immersed, and more often than not laughing out-loud and later quoting favorite lines and favorite characters. Two of those for LA TV Insider Examiner are NBC’s Community and Parks and Recreation. But will the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences agree and celebrate them with a few coveted Emmy nominations? Cast members from both series weigh in on their chances... [MORE]

"Ben Bass teases a love quadrangle and danger for Sam Swarek in S2 of
Rookie Blue"

It must feel really, really good to be Ben Bass right about now. The veteran actor (um, he was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hello!) has spent the month enjoying some time in London, is about to get married, and has the second season of his hit police drama, Rookie Blue, premiering on ABC. He should be able to kick back and relax, soaking up the rewards of all of his hard work, right? Well, not exactly. After all, the nature of his show is that the characters are placed in life-threatening professional situations each and every day, and just because Bass and his Sam Swarek are a fan favorite doesn’t mean they’re completely safe from danger-- both of the emotional and fatal kind... [MORE]

"Jeff Pinkner and Joel H. Wyman tease where
Fringe will go upon its S4 return"

Diehard Fringe fans were certainly in for a surprise at the end of the season three finale, but perhaps the most surprising thing of all is that the show’s writers and executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel H. Wyman are still able to pull things out that garner such strong reactions from the fandom at all. After all, after three years of alternate universes, mysterious cases of the week, and mind-bending science, we really should know that just about anything can happen. Expect the unexpected, as these guys like to say! But that doesn't mean we didn't want to try to get a little something out of them about what we could expect for Fringe in season four! ... [MORE]

"The Big C steps up the fight, and the funny, in season two"

Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney) spent the first few months of her melanoma diagnosis (during the first season of The Big C on Showtime) not quite in denial but still ignoring the importance nonetheless. She heard “Stage Four” and looked around at her life, realizing it wasn’t really what she wanted anyway, and she set out to make the most of her time left. But that can only last for so long. When she didn’t check out maybe as quickly as she assumed, she found her fighter spirit, and season two of the dark cancer comedy will be about her using “Stage Four” as a way to amp up everything about her—not just her struggle or her reserve but also her spirit... [MORE]

"Terrell Tilford unravels the mystery of Romeo Rush on The Protector"

So far Ramon “Romeo” Rush (Terrell Tilford) is the greatest mystery about The Protector. Sure, the Lifetime crime drama features a new murder WhoDunIt? each week, but thanks to the overly capable Detective Gloria Sheppard (Ally Walker), those come and go, expertly solved within the hour. We get more than just glimpses into Gloria's home life and family situation, and we even learn tidbits about her partner Michelle Dulcett (Tisha Campbell-Martin)'s love life. But Rush is another story. He stands strong and stoic on the street, in his LAPD uniform, first on the scene to preserve it for the homicide detectives, but his flirty banter with them hints at so much more underneath his tough guy stance... [MORE]

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