Friday, June 17, 2011

From LA Examiner: Ally Walker and Noah Wyle Return To TV In Two Separate, Great Dramas; Summer TV Writes A Love Letter To L.A...

LA TV Insider Examiner had a chance to visit the Culver City set of The Protector this week for an upcoming episode, and while we were there we chatted with some of the stars and spied some of the production to bring you some juicy tidbits to come in the first season. Here are some of our favorite pieces of information gathered on that trip... [MORE]

"Summer television showcases Los Angeles hotspots in a new light"

For a town that hosts the filming of literally dozens of different television shows, Los Angeles has not really been known of late for showcasing itself in said shows. It used to be that L.A. was the “hub” of production but the art department and directors of photography would make the setting look like other places. These days, though, it is becoming increasingly more popular to not only keep the setting genuine but also utilize it as an additional character in the story. And to that, we just have to say: it’s about time! ... [MORE]

The Protector finally allows Ally Walker to be her true "character actor" self"

Ally Walker considers herself a “character actress kind of trapped in this blonde head of hair.” At various points during LA TV Insider Examiner’s visit to the Los Angeles set of Walker’s newest project, The Protector for Lifetime, she referred to herself as “odd” and “quirky” and even “an outsider” at times. But that isn’t necessarily what immediately comes to mind when you picture the woman who has made such a career out of playing tough-as-nails detectives who somehow still manage to have very vibrant personalities and complicated personal lives outside of the job... [MORE]

"Noah Wyle is saving TV lives in a whole new way with Falling Skies"

"My mother's an orthopedic nurse, and she forbid all of her kids to ever ride a motorcycle. She calls them "donor cycles." So for most of my life, I had never gotten on one, and all of a sudden I get this script, and it goes 'Tom gets on his motorcycle and goes peeling out.' And I thought 'Oh my God! How am I going to do this?' So I went out and had a little lesson, and you know, I don't come naturally to motorcycles [but] I would hope they'd right me some more because I hope to get better," Falling Skies series star Noah Wyle laughed during a press conference for his new TNT show... [MORE]

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