Thursday, June 16, 2011

From LA Examiner: Exclusive 'X-Files' Reunion Event Info; 'Masterchef' Top 18 Announced; Advance Reviews of The 'Rookie Blue' Return and 'Wilfred'...

"The X-Files stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to reunite in L.A."

LA TV Insider Examiner has learned that former X-Files co-stars and good friends David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are going to be coming back together for one evening only in Los Angeles thanks to local non-profit group IBG Inc. The July 30th 2011 event is being helmed as a part of their ongoing conversation series, but with a few details tweaked so fans of the stars can get the most bang for their buck... [MORE]

"Masterchef Top 18: Only two representing Los Angeles remain!"

Sometimes we have to give ourselves credit where credit is due. When watching the Masterchef early audition rounds, we kept our eye on a couple of local gals from Los Angeles, certain they were destined for greatness not only in this competition, but in the culinary field in general. And sure enough, two of them has made it through to the Top 18, narrowed down just last night on the FOX broadcast... [MORE]

Claire Coffee certainly is sitting pretty right about now! Currently co-starring on TNT’s Franklin & Bash this summer, she gets to flirt with Mark-Paul Gosselaar and kiss James Van Der Beek. After all, her character of Janie Ross was once in a long-term relationship with Gosselaar’s Peter Bash but dumped him because he wouldn’t grow up. Janie certainly thinks she traded up with her new fiancĂ© (Van Der Beek), but Coffee herself couldn’t really choose between the two, noting that she grew up watching both and was just thrilled to have this be her job now... [MORE]

"The Big C is back with a plan to eradicate cancer (+ premiere photos)"

There is just a little over a week until the new season of The Big C heads to Showtime, and frankly, LA TV Insider Examiner is on the edge of our seat awaiting the start! Watching Cathy (Laura Linney) go in for an uncertain procedure was nerve-wracking, but then seeing her dive into the pool and come up on the other side to see Marlene (Phyllis Somerville), well, we'll admit it: we thought it could have indicated she passed away on that hospital table and was meeting her friend again in the after life. But thankfully Showtime disagreed and granted the dark cancer comedy a second season... [MORE]

"ABC’s ‘Rookie’ police drama grows up in season two"

Rookie Blue is not your typical cop show. This is in part because all of the officers on duty in which the audience gets so wrapped up are newbie uniforms and that means they are often quieter, more unassuming, and yes, a bit more emotional than your average guy who has seen it all on the job. In fact, many of what these officers are seeing is for the very first time, and that can be a scarier ride than they might have imagined. But more than that, the series is set in Toronto, and that Canadian gloss gives every scene a particular shine, even when the neighborhood or the perp is supposed to be a bit seedy. It’s just a little too clean, too pretty, too nice. And it makes us suspicious of what may truly lie underneath the surface these rookies are just barely scratching... [MORE]

"Wilfred will make us all dog lovers"

A dog has often been called man’s best friend, but FX’ new half-hour comedy Wilfred is also out to prove that a dog can be the best therapist, too... [MORE]

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