Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From LA Examiner: Interviews With Dark & Brooding Tyler Hoechlin & Drew Roy, As Well As A 'Masterchef' Contender; 'Combat Hospital' Advance Review...

"Tyler Hoechlin weighs in on if Derek is the "big bad" of Teen Wolf"

Tyler Hoechlin seems to be the resident baddie on Teen Wolf. At least at first glance. After all, it certainly appeared right off the bat that he not only killed a girl in the woods but that he also left only half her body for police to find. But it turned out there was more to that story (at least so he says), and the girl-- his sister-- was actually used as bait to lure him out. So that means that Scott (Tyler Posey) is also a pawn, even if not in the original game Derek seemed to be playing. After all, rarely are characters on shows like this exactly what they seem at first glance, and let’s face it, Hoechlin is too darn cute to be all bad, right? Right?? ... [MORE]

"Drew Roy, training to be your next big action hero on Falling Skies"

Drew Roy has in many ways grown up in front of the public’s eyes, starring on a hit Disney Channel series (Hannah Montana) and now playing a child-soldier in TNT’s Falling Skies. Some would say a child actor grows up too soon, being immersed in the bright lights and high paychecks of Hollywood. But if that’s true, then it has surely given Roy ample material to draw on for his new role, considering Hal Mason is forced to go from high school jock to fighter on the frontlines of a war zone within just a few months... [MORE]

"Masterchef Q&A with Los Angeles’ Esther Kang"

It seems it is becoming a “thing” to quit your high-powered law job for a chance at becoming a master chef (heh. get it?) these days. But for Masterchef contestant and hopeful Esther Kang, it was really much more about following her dream and staying true to herself. After putting in the time, effort, money, and probably a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, to graduate from law school and work in as a coveted entertainment lawyer, she certainly had the resolve and determination to put in the hard work in a field about which she was truly passionate... [MORE]

"We watched Combat Hospital so you don't have to"

Where Off The Map failed, ABC’s newest summer medical drama, Combat Hospital, hopes to pick up. But that, in itself, seems faulty. If the mainstream audience didn't flock to one full of young, pretty people dealing with interpersonal drama in a tropical setting, why would they flock to one full of young, pretty but less well known, people dealing with interpersonal drama in a dank, dirty, war-torn locale? By upping the stakes (setting the hospital not only in Southern Afghanistan but in 2006 Southern Afghanistan, during the height of war time), the show relies on a lot of smoke and mirror effects to distract the audience from the melodramatic character developments and wooden delivery of medical jargon. It is supposed to be tense and slightly uncomfortable due to the extreme circumstance, but really the discomfort lies in the fact that you are subjecting yourself to such third rate programming at all... [MORE]

"Parks and Recreation to release a history of Pawnee in book form"

Mike Schur first teased it during the TV Academy's Parks and Recreation Emmy screening and Q&A in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, but now it appears official: there is a Parks and Recreation companion book in the works! ... [MORE]

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