Monday, June 6, 2011

From LA Examiner: More TV Awards Shows; Q&A with Vanessa Marano; Colton Hayes Says Screw Vampires, It's All About Werewolves This Summer!...

"Television's hottest young stars at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards"

MTV is the place to be if you're a budding TV star tonight. Actually, let us clarify: the MTV Movie Awards red carpet in Los Angeles is the place to be! Though the awards show itself is there to honor some fan favorite films of the younger generation from this past year, the red carpet is where those with television shows currently on hiatus can already begin to hype up their new seasons starting in the fall... [MORE]

"BTJA announces Critics Choice Television Awards' nominees"

We are not members of The Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA). In fact, we didn't even know that was a "thing" (but now that we do, our interest in joining is certainly piqued). Nevertheless, we love a good awards show, if television is being honored, and this one comes hot off the heel of the Critics' Movie Awards, so we have a feeling it will be good! ... [MORE]

"Q&A: Vanessa Marano comes of age on ABC Family's Switched at Birth"

Vanessa Marano is wise beyond her years. The young actress has a resume longer than many actors double her age but still manages to maintain an enthusiasm for the craft that is admirable all on its own. She has made her mark on the industry by channeling that energy to play the somewhat hyper, always sharp witted but even sharper-tongued, precocious kids you wished you could have had the balls to be, but she has always been a supporting player, a little girl fighting to be noticed in an adult program. Thanks to ABC Family and the new summer drama, Switched at Birth, she is finally stepping out of the adults’ shadows and into the spotlight as the leading lady. And though Marano considers her character of Bay Kennish unlike anyone she has ever played before, she may have finally found the perfect fit. Sometimes the best creativity comes from stepping outside one’s comfort zone, after all... [MORE]

"Teen Wolf’s Colton Haynes says ‘Vampires are on the outs; it’s all about the werewolves!’"

If you’re a fan of summer (supernatural) television, you will most likely best recognize Colton Haynes, co-star of the new Teen Wolf, from his own hairy stint on ABC’s The Gates just last year. The young actor has made quite a career out of genre programs, and he is eager to dive into this new one, a project that has been a long time coming... [MORE]

"Q&A with Los Angeles' own Masterchef hopeful Alejandra Schrader"

In order to promote the return of amateur cooking competition Masterchef, FOX has taken to the streets. Literally. In key locations, such as the corner of the Hollywood & Highland shopping complex right here in Los Angeles CA, mystery refrigerators featuring the faces of show judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot. Special street team members are standing guard so that passersby and fans alike can grab a bottle of water from the fridge to not only quench their thirst but also scratch off a piece of the label for a chance to win prizes that include cookware and gift certificates to Ramsay's restaurants... [MORE]

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