Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'The Nine Lives of Chloe King', 'Happily Divorced', 'Hot In Cleveland' Season 3; 'The Protector' Advance Reviews...

"The Nine Lives of Chloe King is not worth nine chances; we’ll give it two"

Following in what seems to be a never-ending line of programming about ordinary kids who suddenly find themselves able to do extraordinary things comes ABC Family’s The Nine Lives of Chloe King. The titular character (Skyler Samuels) makes a wish on her sixteenth birthday that things will get different, but she really has no idea that simply turning sixteen is the key to unlocking her true fate as “The Uniter,” the savior of an ancient race, Mai. What follows is a sequence of action and events that should be much more convoluted for what Chloe is being asked to digest, but instead, like so many before her who have not only accepted but embraced the supernatural in their lives, Chloe is happily thrust right into this new world in which she is told to “trust no one.” It’s a good theme for a show that doesn’t yet seem to know what it wants to be and therefore is hard to trust it will figure it out quickly enough to keep the majority of its audience... [MORE]

"Hot In Cleveland season 3 sees a return to old issues but in a new location"

The third season of Hot in Cleveland begins in a way that calls back to the premise of the original pilot even after just a few short years. When Elka (Betty White) goes on the lam, hiding out in Amish country so she won’t have to go back to “the slammer,” the women follow her, only to find that if they thought they were hot in Ohio, they are downright scorching in Amishville! But though the season premiere sticks with what it knows best, it isn’t just out to recycle old gags without offering new insight... [MORE]

"Fran Drescher’s Happily Divorced shows sweetness not often seen in sitcoms today"

Fran Drescher is back, after a four year sitcom hiatus, with a brand new show that she helped write and produce and which is based, in part, on her own life. TV Land’s Happily Divorced revolves on a fictional Fran (Drescher) who learns after eighteen years of marriage that her husband (John Michael Higgins) is gay, but due to a strong bond, and tough financial times, they still live together and attempt to juggle new dating experiences while under a shared roof. It sounds a bit absurd in premise, sure, but there is just something about the fact that these two crazy kids can still love and support each other, despite the odds, that makes it very sweet. Happily Divorced brings television back to a simpler time in style but still manages to keep the perspective uniquely fresh... [MORE]

"Lifetime has never been in more capable hands than Ally Walker's The Protector"

If you experience a spot of deja vu when watching Ally Walker in her new Lifetime crime drama, The Protector, well, you're not alone. We certainly saw shades of her hit nineties crime drama, Profiler, that went far beyond the simple "Ps" in the titles. After all, The Protector is a throwback to good ole fashioned detective work, back when pounding the pavement and trusting your instincts might not have gotten you loved by all, but it certainly got you respected by all. Or at least such is the case for Walker's Detective Gloria Sheppard, a woman with a surprising sunny outlook, despite having to fix all of the problems at home, as well as with her cases. The odds may be against Sheppard at times, but she always manages to prove herself competent, crafty, and yes, witty, enough to pull herself through. This is her world, and the rest of us should just be happy she has taken such an interest in making it better... [MORE]

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