Monday, June 27, 2011

From LA Examiner: Syfy Preps Season Two of 'Face Off'; 'True Blood' Make-Up Effects Uncovered; ABC Fall Premiere Dates: A Look Back On 'The Voice'...

"Syfy’s Face Off preps for a second season"

Though production on Syfy’s second season of their reality make-up competition program, Face Off, isn’t set to start in Los Angeles until the middle of September, the judges and former contestants are already highly anticipating what they will see from the new slew of up-and-coming artists passing the audition round and making it onto the show... [MORE]

"A peek behind the curtain with the True Blood make-up effects team"

There is a lot of talk in the television industry about what is “better”: physical effects or visual ones. For producers, studios, and network, it so often comes down to the bottom line-- what is most cost effective for the budget-- instead of what would more effectively serve the story. But for True Blood’s Alan Ball, it is in fact the opposite, and the show ends up being stronger for the willingness of all of its crew to collaborate, rather than see each other as competitors in the market... [MORE]

"ABC announces fall 2011 premiere dates"

The alphabet network was the third network to release their fall 2011 premiere dates for all new and returning programs. Favorite comedies are getting special one-hour premiere treatment, but so is a brand new sitcom that will start in a style not indicative of it's whole series. Will that pay off, though? You'll have to tune in to know for sure! ... [MORE]

"The Voice: A look back on the finalists' journeys"

Can you believe the finals of The Voice are already upon us!? It feels like just yesterday we were being introduced to these aspiring artists-- well, maybe not all for the very first time. But nevertheless, it was the first time we were seeing them in this arena, stripped down to just their vocals, allowed to actually finish their audition song before knowing their fate on the show. Let’s take a look back at where they’ve been and then sound off in the comments below about who you think will go all the way to be crowned the first winner of The Voice... [MORE]

"Angie Harmon & Sasha Alexander get personal in Rizzoli & Isles season two"

The first season of Rizzoli & Isles often seemed to lean much heavier on Detective Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) than truly embody the drama of the buddy duo. Sure, Dr. Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) had a few bones thrown her way, with the reemergence of an old college love who turned out to be quite the person of interest in a homicide investigation, and she learned an unsettling truth about her biological family, but we spent much more time within Jane’s personal life…or lack thereof. Jane’s loud, often overbearing family was always around, and her history with the guys in her precinct was even explored on a few levels. But this season, we can expect more of a balance... [MORE]

"From high fashion to high potency, Michelle Trachtenberg heads to Weeds"

Weeds season seven is in the middle of filming right now, and they have just announced an additional cast member to make trouble for Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker). New York's own Michelle Trachtenberg is heading to the Showtime dark comedy to play the sexy, intelligent, pot-dealing rival of Mama Botwin, who is back in the game, just in a new place. And now she's on Trachtenberg's turf, so things might not be so easy for her... [MORE]

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