Thursday, June 23, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'The Voice' Finalists Revealed (& Reveal Their Secrets); Missy Peregrym Dissects 'Rookie Blue' Relationships; FOX Fall Premieres...

"The Voice announces finalists, one?"

The Voice
taped its live results show from Warner Brothers Stage 16 this evening in Los Angeles, and the finalists are... (Drumroll, please!) Everyone America voted through to the semi-finals! ... [MORE]

"Rookie Blue Q&A with Missy Peregrym: Sam vs Luke dissected!"

Missy Peregrym is as much of a fan of her ABC cop drama, Rookie Blue, as any of you. Actually, maybe more. Of course, she does have more at stake considering she works on the show, but she has such a genuine affection for the material and for her colleagues that she is a little afraid to see the second season premiere, just in case positive reactions aren't as strong for those watching as they were for her filming. After all, a lot is about to go down! ... [MORE]

"The Voice VIDEO: Javier Colon & Vicci Martinez share their stories through songs"

Is it any surprise that Javier Colon and Vicci Martinez made it into the finals on The Voice? Well, it may be for them (“I can only control what comes out of my mouth, and if I go home tomorrow, at least I know I’ll go home having sung a song that means something to me,” Colon told LA TV Insider Examiner after his performance in the semi-finals just last night), but it wasn’t for us! These two have been coaches’ and fellow contestants’ early favorites from the initial auditions, and the producers knew innately that would resonate with the audience. Their stories were crafted, allowing us a little bit more of back story each week, unraveling the personality along with the artistry... [MORE]

"FOX announces fall 2011 television premieres"

FOX has announced the premiere dates for their new and returning shows this morning. There are a few that we admit we'll believe when we see (*cough, Terra Nova), and a few that are starting later than anticipated, but for the most part September is about to get crowded! ... [MORE]

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