Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'The Voice' Interviews with Blake Shelton & Semi-Finalists; Advance Reviews of 'State of Georgia' & 'Necessary Roughness'...

"Live from Los Angeles: It was The Voice Semi-Finals!"

It’s been a long road for the contestants and coaches of The Voice to get them to the semi-finals. It may not feel that way to those watching at home, but it’s true. The show premiered on NBC on April 26th and is going to air its finale just two months later, but for many of these hopefuls, their careers have been years and years in the making. Not only were the battle rounds filmed before the show even started airing, giving those who made it through to the live shows a taste of the “hurry up and wait” environment to television production, but of course their journeys towards being professional musicians didn’t start with their auditions for The Voice anyway. Through living on the road, playing any and every small club or bar that would have them, to having previous record deals crumble before their eyes, they are all hungry-- not only for the prize but to be able to really make a living doing what they absolutely love to do. And The Voice is going to allow them that in so many ways... [MORE]

"Team Blake (The Voice) is more like a family than competitors"

There is a lot of chatter around The Voice about how great and warm and supportive each of the coaches is. And honestly, we don’t doubt that. But it certainly seems to us like the gold star for coaching should go to Blake Shelton. Not only has he truly taken his singers under his wing from a song choice and performance advice perspective, but he has become like a surrogate big brother two his two semi-finalists, Dia Frampton and Xenia, building up their confidence as young women, flying them out to see him in concert, and even bringing them up onstage during his solo shining moment on NBC. It is not something that he is required to do, but the fact that he genuinely wants to makes it all the more notable... [MORE]

"ABC Family's State of Georgia is unfortunately not so great after all"

Raven Symone is going back to her sitcom roots. Well, actually, she never truly left, though she did take a few detours in recent years. Getting her start on The Cosby Show when she was just a precocious little kid proved she had the chops (and the dead-pan facial expressions) to go up against one of the greatest, but now that she is starring in another sitcom of her own, State of Georgia on ABC Family, she may be hoping to prove she actually is one of the greatest. Unfortunately the material doesn’t offer much to back-up such a sentiment... [MORE]

"Necessary Roughness fills the Friday Night Lights shaped hole in our hearts"

USA truly knows their brand, as well as their audience. For the last few years, their summer shows have been inundated with colorful, quirky characters, and this season brings yet another set in Dr. Dani Santino (Callie Thorne) and her newest hypnotherapy client, pro-footballer Terrence “TK” King (Mehcad Brooks) of Necessary Roughness. Through Dani we are allowed to see a softer side to TK, a more vulnerable and real side-- a side to big time athletes we thought we would only see on Friday Night Lights. And though those are some pretty mighty shoes to fill, Necessary Roughness eases in smoothly and with its own unique brand of charm... [MORE]

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