Monday, June 13, 2011

From LA TV Insider Examiner: 'Falling Skies' Advance Review'; Interviews with Another 'Masterchef' Hopeful and The Stars of 'Teen Wolf'...

After the Skitters came, torpedoing towns, killing civilians, and taking kids to strap with harnesses and use in their own little army, the remaining survivors, at least in Massachusetts, were split into small communities of no more than three hundred and sent out to scavenge for food and fight these new beings. But Falling Skies is not all about that fight-- or the technology and FX behind the Skitters and their new war. At its core is a very emotional and very relatable struggle to not only protect your family but also to save your sense of humanity even during unspeakable circumstances. Sure, the backdrop is larger than life, but that is a story so many of us face these days. Just none look as good as Falling Skies... [MORE]

"TV Stars show support for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDs Foundation in L.A."

So often in Hollywood, celebrities come out to get their photo taken, fill a bag with free products from sunglasses, shoe, and make-up companies, and ultimately mix and mingle in a party atmosphere with other celebrities. It's a way to celebrate all they have accomplished, sure, but when there is a greater cause attached to it, it just means so much more, doesn't it? Yesterday at the annual Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDs Foundation concert and carnival event in Los Angeles it certainly did!... [MORE]

"Q&A with Los Angeles Masterchef hopeful Michelle Farmer"

Masterchef continues this week with another double round of auditions and early eliminations and so LA TV Insider Examiner has prepared another round of interviews designed to highlight the local Los Angeles at-home chefs in the competition. Come on, we have to give the edge to our local girls, right? ... [MORE]

"Crystal Reed and Holland Roden are frenemies for now on Teen Wolf"

The female characters on MTV’s Teen Wolf could not be more different. There is Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), the new girl in school who is just trying not to make too many waves, and then there is Lydia (Holland Roden), a smug cheerleader who prides herself on being the most popular, the top of the tiny, petty youth pecking order. But the actresses in the roles have one very specific thing in common: when asked what they wanted to get to do before the end of Teen Wolf, both expressed the same excited interest in taking on a fight scene... [MORE]

"An epic Q&A with Teen Wolf's equally epic new Stiles, Dylan O'Brien"

Dylan O’Brien is what you would call “new” to this whole entertainment industry thing, but he is without a doubt a star on the rise. Though he has been interested in acting for a long time, and he spent a good chunk of time filming himself in different roles to post on YouTube, not only his big break, but his first real gig in general has been the role of Stiles on MTV’s Teen Wolf reboot. But you’d probably never know it just from watching him. He has a natural ease-- and a seemingly innate knack at picking interesting and quality projects-- that gives off the vibe that he’s an old pro who has been doing this for years... [MORE]

"The Killing renewed for a season two!"

That rain is pure production value, huh? As a killer (no pun intended, we swear!) first season winds down, AMC has finally announced their plans to renew The Killing through 2012... [MORE]

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