Thursday, June 2, 2011

In Depth Interviews With Your Favorite 'Showrunners' And You Don't Even Have To Be In L.A!...

Ever wondered exactly what it takes to not only create a hit show but actually get the network to take a chance on it and then craft weekly episodes that leave the audience wanting more for four, five, six years on end? Well, now you don't have to wait much longer to find out. A brand new documentary, simply and smartly titled Showrunners will be coming in 2012 to give buddying TV writers-- or even just TV fans-- insight into some of today's strongest shows.

Featuring interviews with everyone from LOST's Damon Lindelof to The Good Wife's Michelle King and Fringe's Jeff Pinkner, the documentary is one part "how to," one part behind-the-scenes insight, and probably one part cautionary tale. While Made Possible by Pop Culture has yet to actually screen the full film (because it has not even completed production yet), it is easy to imagine the kinds of pearls of wisdom peppered throughout but also the warnings that television is most certainly not an exact science and therefore based in great part on an ability and willingness to play the political game.

Regardless, it sounds to be a must see for anyone stuck on page ten or thirty or even two of his or her own pilot script and for anyone who has loved shows like Sons of Anarchy, House, or Battlestar Galactica*, let alone the aforementioned. Hearing from those in charge is bound to give you a new and deeper admiration for the amount of work that, when done well, appears effortless in the works of art that play out on-screen week after week.

And for once, you don't have to be in Los Angeles to get this inside look! The documentary should be coming to select theaters, with more news to follow once it becomes available.

*great dramas appear to be the focus of this documentary, so if absolutely no comedy showrunners are featured in this one, we're going to hold out hope for a sequel!

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