Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Do You Mean 'The Voice' Is Over Already!?...

"Live from Los Angeles: It was The Voice finals!'

Prior to the final round of The Voice, the remaining contestants had never actually competed against each other. Consider it: any time their coaches or the American audience had to vote, it was always on the sub-groups of the teams, leaving them to feel free to bond as friends. Each one-- Vicci Martinez, Javier Colon, Beverly McClellan, and Dia Frampton-- rose to the top, the cream of their respective crops, and had to face off against each other live on-stage in Los Angeles during the final round... [MORE]

In case you were stuck in ticket queue hell and never actually got into the audience for the first short season of NBC's new breakout reality hit, The Voice, you don't have to feel like you completely missed out. Thanks to Sprint and LiveNation, the eight semi-finalists (two members of Team Adam, Team Cee Lo, Team Christina, and Team Blake) will hit the road on a mini-tour. And their very first stop is right here in Los Angeles at the Gibson Amphitheater! ... [MORE]

"The Voice champion shares artistry advice"

Javier Colon might as well be crowned as America’s prince. The soulful singer who can play the hell out of an acoustic guitar and a piano won over audiences weekly with his smooth vocals, crooked smile, and sweet sentiment. Colon poured everything he had into each and every The Voice performance-- each and every song-- and his emotion was felt by everyone listening. Even if you flipped on NBC absentmindedly and were distracted or busy multi-tasking during Tuesday night viewings, you couldn’t help but stop anything you were doing and be entirely immersed in Colon’s sultry sound. He commands your attention; he commanded your votes; and now all of that hard work has finally paid off, walking away with the $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Republic win... [MORE]

"Dia Frampton, sitting pretty after coming in runner-up on The Voice"

Okay, we’ll admit it: after Frampton’s original song “Inventing Shadows” shot up to number one on iTunes (with Javier Colon’s “Stitch by Stitch” sneaking up to number two just before the voting closed), we thought The Voice outcome was a lock for her. Many of you probably did, too. But then again, most people who pay to download a song will only do so once, and voting online or via the 855 number could be done up to ten times each. But then again, things are rarely so neatly tied up in life, right? ... [MORE]

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