Friday, June 10, 2011

Win A 'Falling Skies' Survival Kit...

The aliens have landed, and despite what cute childhood cartoons might have wanted you to believe, they are most certainly not coming in peace. When TNT's newest summer drama (soon to be a blockbuster!), Falling Skies, premieres, we are thrust deep into the aftermath of the initial attacks. Families have been torn apart; towns have been destroyed; the human race dwindles in population. Food is scarce; supplies like ammunition against the new threat may be even scarcer; and what's worse, the aliens may be recruiting.

Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) has one M.O.: to keep his family alive and fight these terrestrial beings. But though the world around him may have turned back to its most primitive instincts of fight or flight, survival of the fittest, Tom himself still holds onto some civilization. It is what will separate the humans from these aliens, after all. While clearing out to move onto a new town and scavenge for food, he comes across two great works of literature-- hard-bound copies, what could possibly be first editions. The weight of the books are heavy for a small pack that needs room for C-4 and clean water, but he still chooses to take one with him. It's a small gesture, but one that holds so much promise for these characters and the show itself.

It's also an interesting question: if the world was ending, and you had one small bag to carry, with what would you stuff it? For the best chance of physical survival, of intellectual, of emotional? I'm not talking about what you'd take in a fire but instead if you didn't know what you'd find when you woke up the next morning.

Tom made his choices, and ow so can you by winning a pack just like his! Inside the sturdy saddlebag (stamped with the Falling Skies logo) you will find:
  • A copy of the front page of the Boston newspaper from the day the aliens changed everything.
  • A Cast/Character guide to Falling Skies.
  • A copy of TNT's Falling Skies promotional comic book.
  • A copy of Human Planet on Blu-Ray-- to remember the good times and the beauty of what we had.
  • A granola bar for sustenance.
  • (and yes, the bag is included!)

Want to win? All you have to do is follow me on Twitter and then Tweet the following anytime between today and June 14th.

Want to be more equipped to handle the #FallingSkies invasion? @danielletbd knows how! Check out for more info!

Want to receive a double entry? Look for my Tweet with the link to my advance review of the pilot, ReTweet it, and you will automatically be entered twice!

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