Monday, July 11, 2011

Childhood Favorite 'Days of our Lives' Supercouples Returning This Fall!...

Teenage me doesn't know how I feel about this.

Months ago it was rumored that Days of our Lives was bringing back the supercouple to end all supercouples, John and Marlena (Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall). At the time they were axing characters left and right, including, ironically, Louise Sorel who gave a statement saying that she figured she was cut to accommodate the cost of these other returning veterans. But that still seemed disproportionate. For one thing, if the show was really trying to get back to the classics, the way they were claiming, then they would cut the kids, right? And um, if daytime is struggling so hard financially (DOOL is NBC's last remaining soap, and in a few months, ABC will only have one left standing, too), how could they afford the quotes of two powerhouse daytime actors?

Admittedly I don't have the answers to that. No one is going to disclose financials or specifics to a member of the press, let alone a fair-weathered one (also ironically it was another DOOL vet who talked me out of pursuing a career in daytime because even a few years ago he saw the way the tide was turning). But that's kind of beyond my point today anyway because Entertainment Weekly has gotten confirmation that Hall is definitely returning to DOOL, and so are a few other favorites from my youth.

My first favorite supercouple, Austin and Carrie, who went through hell and never found their way back together, will be coming back to Salem in September. Christie Clark most recently returned for Alice (Frances Reid)'s on-screen memorial, but Austin hasn't been seen in years. And when he returns, many fans, myself included, may not recognize him. No, unfortunately Austin Peck will not be reprising the role who caught my eye in 1996, but instead it will be Patrick Muldoon who pops up.

So what you're saying, NBC, is that Jeff from the Max is returning to your network? Sorry to anyone who considers Muldoon the "real" Austin because he came first, but I got introduced to the show after he was already gone. So he will always be the jerk who broke Kelly Kapowski's heart...and the jerk who raped Jane on Melrose Place. And I refuse to forgive him for that. Actually, I know one is way worse than the other, but I refuse to forgive him for either of those things! It's not a professional opinion-- it's probably not even a popular one-- but it's the guttural truth.

Look, Hall is enough to get me to head back to Days of our Lives, but I honestly don't see how she could be a full-time fixture without Hogestyn, so I'm certainly hoping his deal gets signed in ink soon, too. Austin and Carrie getting back together again would validate so much, too...but I fear that since Muldoon is so good at playing bad, the show may take the character in a completely different direction from the goofy and somewhat simple guy for whom teenage me fell.

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