Friday, July 22, 2011

From LA Examiner: Fran Drescher Dishes About 'The Nanny' Reunion; First Look at 'Dexter' Season Six...

"Fran Drescher spills details of The Nanny mini reunion on Happily Divorced"

Mr. and Mrs. Sheffield have reunited! Well, okay, to tell you the truth, in our minds they never separated. In fact, they're probably (gasp) grandparents right about now, raising their still a bit young twins alongside the babies of Maggie, Brighton, and maybe even Gracie. But all of that wholesome but still wacky family fun is happening far, far off-screen, keeping one of our favorite television couples from our childhood just out of reach. Until now... [MORE]

"First look: Edward James Olmos, Mos, Colin Hanks in Dexter season six"

Showtime premiered a brand new trailer for the new season of Dexter today at San Diego Comic Con, but if you thought Jesus was the only new character in Dexter (Michael C. Hall)'s life, you're going to want to think again... [MORE]

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