Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From LA Examiner: Get To Know Grace Phipps; Q&A With Head Ghost Hunter Kris Williams; NBC Fall Premiere Dates Scheduled; 'Breakout Kings' Renewed...

"Get to know Nine Lives of Chloe King's Amy with 9 cool notes about Grace Phipps"

Remember when we reviewed The Nine Lives of Chloe King? We weren’t super sure about the show at the time (though as episodes past the pilot have unfolded, it has certainly grown on us!), but we spotlighted Grace Phipps as one to watch right off the bat. The fresh-faced starlet is certainly proving herself to be quite the comedic force on the show, but she is unveiling a few hidden talents along the way, as well. So we wanted to take a minute to highlight nine things you probably didn’t know but will love to find out about more-than-just-a-sidekick Phipps... [MORE]

"Q&A with Ghost Hunters International lead investigator Kris Williams"

Before she was an investigator on Ghost Hunters International, Kris Williams was a self-described skeptic just like us, sitting at home and watching shows on the paranormal and formulating a lot of questions. The genealogist, therefore, posed the same questions in production meetings when she initially got hired to come onto the team of the hit Syfy mystery debunking program, making sure that all of their bases were covered. Though she admits the show isn’t out to change anyone’s mind about whether or not paranormal activity exists everywhere, in the specified locations they visit, or even at all (she still calls herself the most skeptical one of their group, by the way), she wants to make sure that the at-home viewers will see and hear what the team did personally so that they can get all of their questions answered and learn something in the process. Even if what they are learning is that some things are still unknown... [MORE]

"NBC announces fall 2011 premiere dates"

The peacock network has finally released their list of fall premieres, complete with dates and times, and admittedly we're still holding out for Smash mid-season, but there are certainly some things to look forward to a little bit sooner, too! Just take careful note of the times for some new series debuts because their series premiere and their time period premiere are two very separate and distinct things. Unnecessarily confusing, no? ... [MORE]

"Community's Yvette Nicole Brown & Gillian Jacobs on what they want to see in S3"

The cast of Community has certainly had a number of adventures in only two short seasons. From births to bottle episodes, paintball games, pill addiction, and giant trampolines, it is hard to imagine where the show will go next. And honestly, half the fun is in not even thinking about it but instead just flipping on NBC on Thursday nights at 8pm to find out what series showrunner Dan Harmon has cooked up. But since so many of the cast members do adlib and since little character nuances are often pulled directly from the actors’ real expressions and inflections, we wanted to find out what they were most interested in exploring next... [MORE]

"Breakout Kings receives a second season sentence at A&E"

Though the network did not immediately respond to inquiries, Deadline is reporting today that A&E has decided to bring back Breakout Kings for a second season... [MORE]

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