Monday, July 18, 2011

From LA Examiner: Matt Cohen Heads To '90210'; 'The Big Bang Theory' Music Video; Charlie Sheen Adapts 'Anger Management'; Welcome Back, Tami Taylor

"Matt Cohen movies into 90210"

Three hours ago Matt Cohen (South of Nowhere, Supernatural) Tweeted that some big news was coming his way, and it appears that said news is his casting in the new season of 90210. Though the network did not confirm at press time, Zap2It first reported that he has replaced Drew Seeley in the role of Jeremy. Bet he's doing a victory dance now, huh? ... [MORE]

"The Big Bang Theory is Emmy nominated and...debuting a music video?"

The Emmy nominated The Big Bang Theory has another bit of news to celebrate this morning. The cast of the hit CBS sitcom about to start its fifth season this fall has teamed up with the Barenaked Ladies to film a music video for their theme song... [MORE]

"Charlie Sheen to undergo Anger Management-- but where?"

Television shows based on movies can work. Friday Night Lights proved that. Hell, Friday Night Lights proved that the television show version of the story can go above and beyond the movie. So it is not the simple act of adaptation of Peter Segal's Anger Management that is somewhat disturbing this morning. It is not even the fact that Charlie Sheen is set to star in it, going back to work when really he should probably be getting some help. No, instead what is bothersome is the fact that the news is all about the project moving forward...despite not having a home... [MORE]

"Connie Britton returns to dramatic television with American Horror Story"

The dust has barely settled on the Taylors moving out of Dillon and Friday Night Lights moving off of our television landscape, but Tami Taylor isn't the only one with a new job! Connie Britton's FX pilot, American Horror Story, has reportedly been ordered to series. Deadline was first to report, but though the network would not "officially" confirm as of press time, the show was on their summer press your schedule. And why would they parade the panel of stars and executive producers in front of a couple of hundred critics if it wasn't going to be around for a while? ... [MORE]

"Top Gear season one, featuring Ty Burrell and Dominic Monaghan, comes to DVD"

The first American version of the world’s most popular car entertainment show, Top Gear, is now available on DVD to watch any time, at your own leisure. Top Gear: The Complete First Season, produced by BBC Worldwide Productions, includes the first ten episodes, as well as exclusive DVD extras in a three-disc set... [MORE]

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