Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From LA Examiner: Mehcad Brooks Gives Insight Into 'Necessary Roughness'; Amy Pietz Previews Her 'Nine Lives' Secrets; 'Falling Skies' Spoilers...

"Mehcad Brooks on T.K.'s slow crash & burn and directing Necessary Roughness"

“Talent can take you to the top, but character keeps you there,” actor, model, producer, and current USA series star Mehcad Brooks wisely advised LA TV Insider Examiner... [MORE]

It certainly seems like The Nine Lives of Chloe King’s leading lady (Skyler Samuels) has her hands full juggling secrets from her mother-- about her true Mai origins, about her true amount of contact with her father, about all of the boys and the fights and the new skills she is learning. Her motives may be pure, but her secrecy may still lead herself and her loved ones into more danger than safety. But in a show as complex as this one, that works both ways, and it is about the be Meredith (Amy Pietz)’s turn to keep things from her daughter... [MORE]

"Falling Skies spoilers from Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Sarah Carter"

Remember that great emotional breakdown in the “Silent Kill” episode of Falling Skies where Anne (Moon Bloodgood) has just killed a Skitter and slaps her bloody handprint on the bulletin board where all of the kids’ photos are? That was the moment Noah Wyle believes his Tom Mason fell in love with her... [MORE]

"FX announces fall 2011 premiere dates"

While many of you are down in San Diego, eager to celebrate panels featuring some of FX' great programming, we have an announcement for you: the season premiere dates for fall 2011! ... [MORE]

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